Second semester expectations

Second year of medical school is AWFUL, everybody says it. Think of the journey of climbing a mountain by yourself and imagine that with every step the chances of slipping and falling increase exponentially. Well that is what second year feels like.

Classes start on Thursday and I am dreading it and also wanting to get it over with. This semester is ever crazier than the last and it scares me a little because it is so packed. Basically they compressed out 5 month semester into 3.75 months. So it seems like it will be going by at the speed of light and next thing I know will be STEP study time.


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I have some very necessary expectation for this semester, but 2 of them are required to happen.

1) I NEED to pass pharmacology even if it costs me my soul.

2) I need to get a good number on the STEP1 for Ob/Gyn

Everything else is just on a comfort and personal level which involves being able to do cool activities for the ObGyn Interest Group and doing well in my classes.

Something I am going to work on this week to hand in on Thursday is a letter of resignation for a position in a student organization. This past semester was a drag and it really did not help me be happier and more focused because everything was filled with drama ALL THE TIME. So resigning will take away one stressor and allow me more time to focus on classes, the boards, and this new blogging adventure.

By the end of last semester my anxiety was pretty bad and I had a hard time dealing with it. I got help and I am working on getting better so that it affects me less, especially in school, and I am able to be happy with what I am doing and where I am in life.

This semester I expect to grow as a person, student, and future clinician in the hope of leading a more fulfilling life and career. My husband is such a blessing but I also need to be there for him in is new journeys starting soon and last semester I was not the best at that.

I am very determined to make things change and to lead a new heading this new year. I will embrace everything that I have worked for and not give up on my dreams.



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