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With the start of second semester as a second year more opportunities to go to the hospital and interact with patients arise. For this reason I am more in need of not only appropriate wardrobe, but also a bag that will fit everything I may need but still meet professional standards. I have searched for a while and still came up shorthanded in options. Well in less than a month I have discovered two brands that are marketed to do just that, be the perfect bag for the working woman.

Now being a medical student, we do not “work” per se but we still need to meet standards for appearance as professional women, and the bag you carry says a lot about you. Let’s think about this for a minute,what do we need to carry with us on such a visit and then again in third year rotations? You need a tablet or laptop, you need your pocket reference books, you need a change of shoes and maybe even a change of clothes (scrubs), clipboard, hand sanitizer, wallet/coin purse for money, makeup bag, pens and highlighters, stethoscope, penlight,  a coffee mug or water bottle, and maybe more.

Having that in mind, think about all those things and the size of the bag you might need to fit all that. There are many designer bags that people buy/get, usually a big tote bag, but let’s be real, everything will just be floating around in that huge purse and finding something small might be the difference between you and maybe a male classmate making a good impression on your attending.

So after a long search, my prayers have been answered and I have come to know of 2 new brands that are blowing my mind. They have been developed by working women who have faced the same struggles in various industries, and they took a stand and said no more. They took matters into their own hands and have developed beautiful and amazing handbags especially designed for the working woman who needs to have everything on hand, but still look stylish and appropriate.

  1. JEMMA Bagjemma

I found about JEMMA bags because they followed me on Instagram and I wandered over to their page and saw gorgeous classic look handbags. I ventured onto their website and emailed them about information for doing this post. The very next day their Founder & CEO Joanna had already replied to my email with all the information I needed.

Her response was so clear and simplistic that I will insert most of it, so you can understand what I mean through her passionate words.

We are a new direct to consumer handbag brand distinctly crafted for the working woman who appreciates classic elegance and sensibility. We are based in New York. The brand was founded with my work life in mind. I was previously in the finance industry and my daily problem was not having a proper work bag that I could confidently carry to work that not only met my working needs but had the appropriate color, quality and professionalism. I found myself having to constantly accommodate to the constraints of my handbag, instead of the other way around. My girlfriends and colleagues had similar experiences, so I knew this was a void that needed to be filled. Moreover, designer handbags simply should not cost $1000+. By intelligent sourcing, designing in-house and selling directly to customers online, JEMMA is able to provide high quality leather handbags with the right functionality at a fraction of the price.

JEMMA’s two debut styles, dubbed “The Work Bag” and “The Life Bag”, are inspired by working women’s constant pursuit of a work-life balance. The leather handbags feature streamlined, feminine construction and thoughtfully designed inner organization for everything the modern woman needs. The Work Bag fits up to a 15inch laptop and has leather pockets for cellphone, pen, lipstick, credit cards and a sleeve at the back wall for an iPad or wallet. The Life Bag is perfect for a night out or weekend brunch, with leather pockets for cellphone, lipstick, credit cards and a cross-body strap.

I am completely in love with these bags and I cannot wait to purchase one for myself (I promise to do a review on it as soon as I get it). They range from $358 -$398 and are currently available in 3 colors per style, and they provide free shipping. They just started out this past November and are already selling out. I recommend you check them out and give them a try because they sure have the right idea for what we as working women need.

They are so elegant and classic, from the colors, to the accessories and even the designs themselves, these bags will certainly complete your look.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Dagne Dover

dagne doverI found out about Dagne Dover bags on New Year’s Day. My cousin just got one for Christmas and I just have to say they are amazing. These are also on my “To BUY” list before third year starts. They are a little more casual looking than the JEMMA bags, but they are still professionally appropriate. They are better suited for students as well a working women because they are big and are waterproof. They have several styles for different sizes of laptops and they have another style specifically for tablet users. They also have released wallets and other accessories that you can combine with your bag.

Their philosophy is:

At Dagne Dover, our philosophy is, “You are what you carry.” A cavernous black-hole bag makes you feel just as disorganized as its contents—but a sophisticated, organized handbag makes you feel ready for anything.

So we set out to design a bag that would help you feel like you’ve always got it together. Let Dagne Dover shoulder the burden so you can focus on the things that really matter. (And find your MetroCard without missing your train.)

I think these bags are a dream come true, they are good for school or work and they are stylish but still fit everything you might need in one place. They range in price from $245 to $495 and they have a ton of color options. They are currently having a sale up to 45% off select styles and they have free shipping. The totes at least, feature a special pocket for an umbrella or water bottle that is coated to prevent other things in your purse to get wet/moist.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Here you have it, two amazing and stylish options that are designed for working women, by working women. They have a variety of prices and different looks from more casual to more classic and elegant, depending on your needs. I think these bags would be a great addition to any collection for any professional from business to law, to politics and medicine.

Thus whether you need a more elegant or more casual look, they are both new on the market and have very promising products, I cannot wait to acquire and review them soon!



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or sponsored by either of these companies. I found out about them and I think their products are great so I wanted to share and spread the knowledge of these amazing products because I know how hard it can be to find a good bag for work.

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  1. Absolutely fabulous choices, this is something so many women struggle with! I’m in my final year and still haven’t found the perfect bag. These options will definitely be on my birthday wishlist in the hopes that somebody who loves me will help me to look more professional!

  2. hhardydawson says:

    I’ve been eyeing a Dange Dover for a little while now. I love/have to have things organized and all the pockets just make me so happy. Ivanka Trump just came out with a great work tote too, but boy is it pricey! (It’s called the Soho tote if you want to google!)

  3. I absolutely love both of these bags! I love how organized and functional for day to day use. My current handbags are such a mess on the inside- I’m always digging around looking for my credit cards, bobby pins, etc.


    • Jani V says:

      I know! When I found out about them I was so happy that there are women out there thinking about functionality as well as professionalism for handbags. I am super pumped to buy these.

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