My Skin Care Secrets Unveiled

Ever since the dawn of time, kidding since I was about 13, I have been asked how I take care of my skin and face by everyone. Friends, family and strangers alike would continue asking me for my secret to nice skin and minor blemishes. I really did not have a secret per se, just a few tricks I learned during my modeling years.

Yes, the tips and tricks help, but there are other important things that trump those: the products you use. I have heard almost every weird thing people do to “get good skin” yet it never works for them. I remember classmates during high school that used to wash their face at night using rubbing alcohol, body wash, or even baby oil or lotion. A lot of these things are from old wives tales of tricks to prevent wrinkles or to be more gentle on the face but reality is your face needs gentle care.

For this reason I try to limit how many products I use to the ones that are most beneficial and essential. On top of that I always try to look for natural products or products that are gentle on the skin. As a personal preference I try to buy products that have not been tested on animal, but I am not always successful. In addition to the products the routine/way that I use them is also very important, and this is when some of the tips come in handy.

In addition to choosing appropriate products, a good diet and hydration are also essential to maintaining your skin looking healthy and great. Everything you do to you body and your skin has an effect. If you always rub your face or you treat your skin using harsh chemicals and products, eventually it will show. If you eat poorly and have bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking, that will affect your skin. If you like to tan on a salon or on the beach without using sunscreen, eventually it will show. So what I would like for you to take from all of this is that the way you treat your body is very important to understand how it will respond in the long run.

Without more ramblings below I share with you my “secrets” to great skin.





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