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So I finally took the plunge and decided to write up this post. Originally I had planned to do it in video form, but seeing as I decided to take down my YT page because of identity reasons I had not taken the time to write this up.

Seeing as I now wear makeup basically on the daily, I thought I’d share what is in my makeup bag. Keep in mind that I do not wear foundation every day as I have trouble matching my skin color, and I do not need to cover up much other than my dark under eye circles.

My everyday makeup bag is a Victoria’s Secret makeup bag that came with a free tote on their grand store opening back in 2012. It is compact, has a zipper, and holds everything that I need.


First up is my EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew. I love this lip balm. I first discovered it in 2013 when I saw a first using the cutest little lip balm and I just HAD to have one. I have had the mint and berry flavors but my favorite by far is this one. I think it is a very hydrating lip balm and I enjoy how it feels on my lips. I works perfect for everyday use in our ever changing weather.


Next up is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and this is a relative new addition to my everyday bag just because I kept struggling to blend out my concealer just the way I like it. I use it both dry and damp on the tip because it’s sole purpose is to blend out my concealer and soak up excess product to prevent caking or creasing. I love having it and it is definitely staying here.


Speaking of concealer, my current concealer is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in the color Fair. I bought this concealer at the beginning of February last year at the suggestion of Tati and Casey Holmes, who are my favorite beauty youtubers. Before this one I was using the Wet n Wild illuminating stick and when that one ran out this took over and I am definitely repurchasing. My only complaint is the sponge top. I am a super germaphobe and I feel like after a while the sponge is dirty and icky and I just cakes on the concealers, hence the RT sponge.


To set that concealer and even out my skin I have my favorite product of all time the MAC Studio Fix  in the shade N4. I have purchased several of these throughout the years and it it difficult to top IMO. This is a powder foundation and it is my perfect color. It is very finely milled and it gives my skin a very natural and flawless appearance. I love this product and I have found it very difficult to top or replace. Nothing else compares so far.


To give my vary pale self a little more color and liveliness I have my favorite bronzer to this day, the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, thanks to the amazing Kathleen Lights! I have mine in the shade bronzer, which is the darkest one and it is perfect for my skin tone. It is on the warmer side but it does not come off as orange on my skin. It gives a nice healthy natural glow to your skin and it is great for contouring. It blends like a dream, and the minimal shimmer it has helps to bring life to your skin. The only weird thing about this is the smell, which reminds me of like banana boat sunblock. It goes away quickly and I definitely do not mind it. To apply it, I just keep a Wet n’ Wild Flat top brush, it is soft and fluffy and it does not grab too much or too little product. For me this is a perfect combo.


To finish bringing light and shine to my face, I have a sample of the Clinique Iced Lotus blushing powder. This is a pink shimmery blush but it is very natural. It helps in giving the skin a healthy glowy appearance and by adding some color, brings life into my face. To be honest, I rotate my blushes every so often and this is the current one I have. I love it a lot and I have given it a lot of love. If you prefer matte blushes, then another alternative I enjoy a lot is the MAC Dollymix and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blissful. Both of those have been part of my everyday makeup bag in the past year. For these, I have the Wet N’ Wild Blush Brush

For lips, I only have 1 staple at the moment: Kylie Lip kits. Currently I own 3 of them, but only 2 are work appropriate, and they are nude colors. I have Dolce K and Maliboo and I use them interchangeably all the time. If my lips get too dry or chapped I may use medicated lip balm and/or a satiny lip stick for a day or two. But more often than not I am wearing these for clinic, the hospital, the OR, everywhere. I love them. They are so durable and so comfortable on the lips, especially the newer formulas. If you wear lip gloss or a lip balm under it helps to keep the lips healthy. Only down side to doing that, it doesn’t completely dry down and transfers a little. It’s a sweet gamble to take once or twice a week. I am currently on the lookout for other liquid lips that have the same comfort and durability just to add some variety and not go bankrupt, haha.


For mascara I currently have the Too Faced Better Than Sex and the Urban Decay Perversion both in deluxe size. I love them both for very different reasons. The BTS is a volumizing mascara that gives you amazing full, long, clumpy lashes and I definitely love them for anytime of day. Perversion is more fine and less clumpy, it lengthens more than it volumizes and I have come to also love it. I have both because the BTS is almost out and I have been mixing them for a better lash effect and to finish the BTS. I would definitely repurchase these in the deluxe size.


We are almost done! For eye liner I have 3 pencils in my bag at the moment. One of them I have had forever and it is my favorite of all time, unfortunately it is no longer available anywhere. It is the Aerie Forever Liner in Rich Black. This is an amazing liner but I won’t dwell on it since it cannot be found anywhere. I have had these since I worked there back in 2010, and I bought like 5 when they got discontinued. Another one I have on hand is the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon in black and I got this in the 2016 Birthday Gift from Sephora. It is an amazing liner, very comfortable and long-wearing. Not entirely waterproof but resistant to smears enough to be in my would repurchase category. I love it and being tiny definitely makes it great to have in my bag. And I also have the  Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pencil in Soft Nude for when I want to brighten my eyes and look more woken up and alive. This one is a little runny for my liking sometimes, but nonetheless it is a good pencil to have on hand.


And finally as of Christmas, I added a travel perfume to my everyday bag just because I got it as a gift and I LOVE the perfume. It is the Jimmy Choo Illicit, this is the rollerball because the small spray bottle I have came in a gift set. Anyway, I am absolutely obsessed with this perfume and I am so happy to finally own it. I alternate between this and the Carolina Herrera CH and I kinda wish there was a travel size for the CH as well.

Jimmy choo.jpg

And there you have it, that is all that I have in my everyday makeup bag. I usually just wear concealer with the MAC studio fix, blush, bronzer, and then mascara, liner and lips.


Simple and just the essential for an everyday look. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to get everything done (in the car) and I am out the door. Sometimes I wish I could adhere to a morning routine but so far I have not been successful at that. There is always the future.

Hope you enjoyed this look through the contents of my makeup bag!


Jani V <3

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