How to make money online: Update

Last year, when I started this blog one of the first posts I did was on how to “make money” in medical school (HERE) using different online resources. Since then I have gotten some great suggestions from readers, followers and friends and as such have some new ways to “make money” online. I continue to use the ones in that post but not as often.


Why? Well E-rewards is very time consuming, and during third year I do not have as much time to spend doing surveys as I used to before. My husband is more in tune with e-rewards now than I am because of the time issues. When I do have time or when they send high reward surveys, I do take a few minutes to complete them. Receipt hog on the other hand, I just recently started using again, just because I got very frustrated at how much time it actually takes to get some reward back from all the scanning. Also since I am from Puerto Rico some of the local stores are not counted toward coins and I do a LOT of online shopping so they do not have that feature yet.

Now onto the new things!

  1. Ebates:
    I think almost everyone knows about Ebates, I may be of the few that had not jumped on the bandwagon. For many years I had seen their commercials, and I swore that it was a scam. I never really signed up until March 2016, at the referral of JAMBeauty or Casey Holmes, and I certainly regretted that decision as time went by. If you are an online shopper, you NEED Ebates like yesterday. Basically you sign up, add a widget to your browser and activate Ebates at all participating stores online (this helps to NOT forget as it happened to me way too many times, so always activate it!). When you check out that will create a shopping trip on Ebates and you get cash back for every purchase.ebates
    The cash back can be a percentage of the sale or a fixed dollar amount set by the company. The percentages can vary from 2% to 8% sometimes more, and at certain times they have double cash back events where every store’s percetage is doubles on a certain day. Ebates also features special offers for many sites and in the continental US you can sometimes reclaim In-store purchases for cash back.This sounds too good to be true but it is legit and amazing and I can’t believe I was skeptical for so long. You can get your cash back in one of two ways: they can send you a check (which they call a big fat check) to your address or you can link your paypal account and have it transferred to your pay pal. This is basically “free” money you get from online shopping which you can reinvest in shopping, save up, and just have as a contingency.Either way I think this is a great resource to have! This is my referral link HERE and above.
  2. Magiclinks
    I found out about MagicLinks the same way as Ebates, though youtubers but this I am fairly certain was because of JAMBeaty. She made a post on how to make money off youtube and she mentioned this site. This is a referral link/affiliate link platform that allows you to make a commission based on click and/or purchases through the link you provide for products.You do not need to have a big following or be selected for this you can just create your account and start creating your links and receiving credit instantly. You do get a person who manages your account and can help you out in case you need it. I know there is a lot of heat behind reward style at the moment, and this is similar without the secrecy, selectiveness, and mega marketing associated.
    They have a lot of retailers, a lot of the most popular ones like Sephora, Amazon, BH Cosmetics, Boohoo, Top Shop, Nordstrom, etc. Each retailer had their own terms as to what kind of commission they pay you, if it’s pay per click or if it’s pay per purchase. I made my account long ago but had not used it until recently and I like it. I have made my very first $0.38 and I am proud! It is easy to install the widget and make the custom link and at the same time their platform tracks your traffic and how which links are more popular etc.
    So if you are just starting out and want to make a little money off your blog, then this is a great alternative! Referral link HERE and above.
  3. Shopkick
    Shopkick I found out through my last post and I started using it immediately. I really like it because it requires minimal effort and it is one of the easiest ones I have found. Shopkick is an app on your smartphone and it allows you yo collect points in different ways. The point you can designate a “reward goal” and work towards it and they have so many different to choose from. You can get something like a Walmart gift card to a Tory Burch gift card. You decide! I have provided my referral link above and HERE.img_9052
    Basically, the simplest way is what they call “walk in” points and basically its points for walking by/into a particular store. You need to have wifi and bluetooth on and it will automatically give you the points which can vary from 25 – 200 depending on the day and if there are any events. You can also collect points by linking your credit card to the app and using it to pay at the participating stores and how many points you get will also depend on the store and the day. Credit card point usually go from 1-3 per dollar spend and some stores, like Macy’s have special offers, like if you spend more than x amount, you get extra points. There is also a scanning alternative where certain store promote certain items and if you scan them you get points for each scan. I have also seen bonus events where if you scan and buy certain items they give you bonus points. Finally, the last way you can make some points is by scanning your receipt. Now this was originally beta tested and now it works a little differently but I have still seen it in my menus.
    After you collect a certain amount of points, then you can redeem your gift card which can be from $5 to $500 depending on which retailer or reward you choose. The higher the gift card, the higher the number of points needed. At present, and since I started using this, I have been saving for the Tory Burch Gift card which is $250 for 62,500 kicks. This is a lot and if you consider 1) I don’t go to the mall that often, 2) we don’t have that many participating stores 3) I keep forgetting to use my card as credit then this has been a challenge. Even through these mishaps, I feel content in having been able to collect upward of 5,000 kicks.
  4. Mile Upimg_9054Mile up is my most recent addition and I learned of it through a friend. Basically you drive and get points to redeem in gift cards. The registration is fairly simple and quick and is very user friendly. You get 2 points for every mile driven and you can choose to allow the app to use you health app to track your driving instead of having to open the app all the time. You can also control the use of celular data and participate in challenges that give you extra points. Every 2,000 points it’s $5 and you can choose between Amazon, Target, Walmart, Nike, and some other retailers. I do not have a lot to say since I JUST began using it but it is very easy to rack up points if you do a lot of driving. I will update you later on on how I am doing. Referral link above and HERE.

And there you have it, 4 more ways to make money online/with your phone without having to put in too much effort. I am always on the lookout for new things to try out and would love to hear from all of you!

What sites/apps do you use to “make money”? Have you tried any of these? 

Thanks for reading!


Jani <3

Disclaimer: ALL links are referral links and I will get extra points/rewards if you decide to join through them.
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