5 things I wish I had time to do in Medical School

Sorry this post is up late! I was in my hometown for the weekend and I spent most of my time out of the house and had no time to put together the images. That apology aside, I had a great time with family during this weekend and I feel emotionally revived. With that let’s get on to this post!

Overtime I have come to terms with all of the changes that we go through in medical school and how they have affected and shaped the last 3 years. Even though I do not regret taking this path, there are times when I wish I had the time (and money) to do certain things that I used to do (and still enjoy doing) in my spare time. Some of these were my hobbies back in the day, some were things I wanted to do before medical school but was unable to do.

Medical school is a journey in and of itself and it has given me some pretty amazing experiences. Even though I have “lost” some of my prime years, I know eventually I will be able to do these things and so much more.

  1. Reading
    reading books

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    I used to LOVE reading. It was entertaining, fun, and it was a way to get my mind off everything that was going on around me. My favorite genre was, and still is, teenage supernatural fiction. I loved reading books about vampires, witches, magic, and even angels. I read so many books during my summers in college, ahh the good times. I picked up a book in the morning and devoured it by that same night or the next day. I used to read until my vision was blurry, although now that I am in med school I am sure that was NOT healthy for my eyes. Oh well too late now haha. The last book I read for my own pleasure was Fallen. It is a series about reincarnation, angels, and a forbidden love. I have the second book but I have not gotten around to read it. I have a huge list of books I want to read, but I read so much all the time studying, I kinda never want to. And I could read before bed but then I’ll probably be up all night reading because, well, if it’s good I can’t put it down!

  2. Traveling/Tourism

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    One thing I see all of my non med school friends doing is traveling all over the world. When me and the husband were in college and we both had jobs, we used to plan trips all the time. We planned trips abroad and locally and we loved going on road trips to see things we hadn’t seen from our beautiful island. We have a travel list we hope to fulfill in the future but for now short, affordable trips is what is possible. I am fortunate enough to have traveled to Europe for my 15th birthday and I know the places I want to return to someday, but there is also so many more places I would like to see. At the top of my list is London, Thailand/India, Argentina, and Alaska.
    As for touring on the Island, I have never been to Culebra, and we are hoping to go after I take Step 2CK. We also want to go to the trendy places like La Cueva Ventana, El Puente De Piedra, La Cueva del Indio, Bosque Seco de Guanica, Caja de Muertos, among many others. I have heard that 4th year is a lot more accommodating to free weekends, so I am looking forward to maybe checking some of these off the list during 4th year! We had a good start at the beginning of 2017 that we got to go to the Sunflower Field in a nearby town and it was beautiful!

  3. Taking cooking or baking classes
    4I love food. Seriously. Food is one of the best pleasures in life, right up there with sleeping. In addition to eating it, I love cooking it. I am always looking for new recipes to try, and trying new flavor combination in the kitchen. I can watch food network for hours and I hope to one day be able to learn to cook like the chefs do. Aside from food, I love desserts, especially anything involving chocolate, and cake. I still remember many years ago, watching Paula Deen make a Baked Alaska, and dreaming of trying it during the cruise, and then missing formal dinner to go to a party the day they had the Baked Alaska. For this reason, baking lessons have also been on my radar for some time now. Even if I cannot take formal baking classes, my mother in law is a master when it comes to baking. I probably never will be as good as her, but we have always talked of me staying and learning several classic pastries from her. So far I haven’t had the time, but I remain hopeful that someday I will.
  4. Learn another language

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    I don’t know how most people feel about this, but there is something about knowing multiple languages that I find incredibly fascinating and sexy. I am bilingual since birth basically, but I have always dreamed of learning other languages as well. I am especially fascinated by French, Italian, German, and Russian. At this point in my life, I don’t know that I can fully learn all 4 of those, but maybe I can learn 1 or 2 of them fully, and the others at a conversational level. I would be happy with that. My husband took some french a few years ago, and he couldn’t continue because of how time consuming it was. But we both look forward to take classes again in the future and expand from bilingual, to multilingual.

  5. Learn more


    Now this one might come as a surprise. But I really do love learning about almost everything (except math and history). One of my biggest regrets is not taking an additional year in college or doing a minor. I went in with my goal of medical school and I worked to have my requirements and some electives that could help me along the way. I did take some classes that were university requirements that I loved, and that is when I realized I would have liked to learn more. Especially about literature. There is something about reading books, analyzing them, and writing about them that I find absolutely fascinating. I also would’ve like to take some more anthropology classes and some business classes.

Reading back at this post I sound like such a nerd! But I don’t care, I learned to embrace being a dork, a nerd, etc long time ago and I am proud of it. I don’t want this post to sound like I am sad at my current situation, or that I feel like I haven’t lived, because that is not the case at all. During my high school and college years I did a lot of things, and I lived a very good life during those years. For that reason, now that I cannot do a lot of those things, I reminisce about them and wish I could do them more often. I know in the very near future a lot of these will be possible little by little and I will once again feel like am living life instead of wasting away in front of a computer doing 100 questions per day, and reading about all things medicine.

I also would like to spend more time with my family and friends, but as I get closer to the end of med school, it seems I am getting more chances to visit and take time off to go back home and reconnect with those that are important to us.

In the meantime, I have this wonderful corner of the internet to call my own and be myself and dream of things that are soon to come.

What do you wish you had time to do in your current situation?  

Thanks for reading!



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5 responses to “5 things I wish I had time to do in Medical School”

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    I’m not in med school but I would love to travel more and learn another language. However, traveling with a little one is difficult and learning another language at the moment will take a back seat until I graduate this summer.
    I hope you can find time to at least read and bake one any days off you have. 🙂 *fingers crossed*

    • Jani V says:

      Thank you! I find time to cook most of all, but baking is the best! Congrats on graduating soon, wish you the best! Which language would you want to learn?

      • ayrgalaxy says:

        I love baking too 🙂 being feeling so inspired lately especially for my kiddo lol. I like feeling like a scientist measuring everything out haha
        And thank you! Seems like it will be a semi easy term. And I wanna learn Japanese, mainly because I plan on taking a long trip there lol.

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