MAC: Viva Glam III

So since this is a lifestyle blog, I will write about many things in my life. I am in training to be a professional and as such I must look the part. This includes fashion and makeup, as well as reviews on new products I try.

I have been wanting a powerful, sexy, deep lip color for a while now. I had seen an image of a MAC lipstick done for the Sleeping Beauty Anniversary line which featured maleficent and had a deep wine color and it was SO BEAUTIFUL. It was everything I had been wanting and I was crazy about it. Well I found out it was a limited time product and they recommended Viva Glam III. I tried it on and I was officially in LOVE and OBSESSED!

The week of christmas I was shopping and remembered I had a $15 Macy’s money card and decided to get it for myself. Let me tell you it did not disappoint me. I loved the color and the finish and I can’t wait to get another lipstick from them soon.

The color is so rich and durable, it does not dry out your lips and it gives you a super sultry look even with very light makeup that lasts. It is amazing. I also love that it is pretty matte, because it allows you to use a lipgloss or highlighter to change the final look. I find it to be very versatile and the product itself is so creamy I feel fabulous when I put it on.12394071_1726407560927635_462613276_n

My husband loved it and I have been wearing it a lot since I got it.



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  1. I have nominated you for the Beauty Blogger Award! Details are on my latest post!xxx

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