Review: Wet n Wild’ Wild Shine Nail Color in She Shells

Wet n Wild Wild shine She ShellsIt has been AGES since I last bought a nail polish, but since I am trying to keep my nails colored 90% of time now I have used all of my colors twice since Christmas. I have been wanting a new color, but something subtle and that can be used in a professional setting since I have several hospital visits coming soon.

I have been stalking my nearest Walgreens for the new makeup products from L’oreal, Maybelline and Wet n Wild’ and last week they FINALLY started putting things out. Well as I was looking at some of the new things from Wet n Wild’ I saw this super cute color with a NEW sticker pinned to it. I look at the price and BOOM $0.99. It was perfect since we still had not been paid our disbursement and I was basically surviving.


Well the color was exactly what I have been looking for a light pink color with a peach undertone. I bought it and was excited to get home a try it on.

I fixed my nails and put primer on them and began to put the color on. The color is exactly how it looks on the bottle. It is very easy to build up and make it more or less concentrated in color. The formulation is pretty nice and thick, though some might not like that feature as much.


As for the application process, it does require a lot of product to get a better coverage but it took me 2 coats on most fingernails and 3 on the bigger nails. I really liked the fact that it might looked creased putting on but it flattens out very nicely and with a top coat it is shiny and looks like you had your nails done in the salon (my husband actually asked me if I had gone to get my nails done).


For the price this is a great option if you like this color, or others in the collection. 1 week later I still had color on and barely any chipping, which is impressive considering I have been doing dishes, I wash my hands a million times a day, and we did some reorganizing/redecorating in the apartment during those 5 days.


I really liked this nail polish and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good bargain or tight on money. It is a great alternative to other more expensive products like Essie or Bettina.

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6 responses to “Review: Wet n Wild’ Wild Shine Nail Color in She Shells”

  1. ladyd1ana says:

    Lovely color <3 . Never tried their nailpolishes before.

  2. That coral shade is so pretty, perfect for spring!

  3. The colours are nice, they apply easy, and the basecoat is fully functional in preventing nail stains.

    • Jani V says:

      Yes, I did not get stains like I do with essie or some bettina even with a base coat. The other new formulas are the 1 step wonder gel and I think I prefer this one to some extent.

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