Redecorating my study room

1.pngEvery woman dreams of having a space to call her own, office, study room, or even a beauty room, we dream of decorating it and have a vision on how it should be.

If you are a medical student, or any type of undergraduate or graduate student you know how hard it can be to sit down and study for hours on end. Being in a boring space or somewhere that does not inspire and motivate you makes this task even more difficult. I am lucky to have a room in our apartment that we have been slowly building to be my study space.

Last week we finally cleaned it out and began organizing it and for some strange reason I was super pumped to decorate it and organize it to my liking.

Now, if you knew me in real life you would know that I am not the most creative person and my execution is not the best either. This is something that frustrates me at times because I get ideas of how I want it to look and if it ends up too differently I get discouraged.

For my study room I want everything in shades of teal, my absolute favorite color (hehe I think you might have figured that out already). The main decoration piece is a shadow box of kisses from my bridesmaids that my mother in law put together for my bridal shower.

On Sunday during my study breaks I decided to check out what we had stored in the closets that I could use to brighten, liven, and beautify my study room. I found several vases that I immediately cleaned up and repurposed for pens and pencils and another for my makeup brushes in our room.


I also found a flower vase that I could visualize as filled with flowers like peonies or hydrangeas. I had a small vase that was used to put wish tree pens in my shower that I use for my picma micro pens. In addition, one of my best friends had given me a beautiful clipboard with a teal poster that said “Choose Happy”, and it fit just perfectly on my bulletin board.



Come Monday after my test, I was determined to find some other things for executing my vision. I went to Aliss and Marshalls and I found the flowers and a gorgeous jewelry plate with my color. I was very excited to get home and organize everything to see how it would come out. (PS. I also got a stand mirror to do my tutorials and makeup)



I put everything in place and had to wait for hubby to come home and help me cut the flowers.

Once he got home he helped me out and voila!


And this is the final result. I couldn’t be happier with how it is coming along.


I have never been a great creative executioner and this is coming along very nicely that it is making me feel better about myself and giving me the confidence to continue trying new things like this. I am also looking into DIY things to finish the final project, although it makes me nervous, this project is helping me think “maybe I can do this and it has been me holding myself back”.


So there you have it, I am loving my new study space and how it is coming along. Do you have a space to call your own? How have you been decorating it?





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  1. ladyd1ana says:

    Love it, especially the small vase and the poster <3

  2. sarahpratley says:

    You have some gorgeous bits here! I love office space inspiration haha 🙂 x

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