Remembering my modeling days

Urban Decay makeup event at Macy’s:

What is is like to be a model for day? Yes, it is pretty amazing to get your hair and makeup done, get fitted for gorgeous clothes, and get tons of pictures taken while you are rocking it on the catwalk.

I miss those days. After all the changes, introspection, and reconnections I have made I thought I might never feel that way again or at least not for a long time.

A few weeks ago I was with a friend while she did some Valentine’s day shopping and I found out about an Urban Decay even that would take place on Saturday February 6th at Macy’s. They would be featuring and promoting the new Gwen Stefani Collab line and I was super excited to make a reservation. Plus with a $50 purchase you would get 3 freebie.

I could not contain my excitement so like a good bad influence friend I told my friends about it and got their shopaholic senses in overdrive.

It was finally here, and my appointment was supposed to be at 4pm. “It’s ok, it’s ok” I told myself, “I should be out of the activity by 2pm”. I was helping out in an activity being hosted by the AMA Student Section at my school and I kept glancing at my phone to check the time.

I was finally done with my part and was told I could leave early. So I ran home to clean my face and try to get my husband to go with me and help keep me Zen while deciding what to buy. I also grabbed my “Back to Mac” stash to go get a free lipstick (YAY FREE MAC LIPSTICK!!).

I was hesitant to get there early since my appointment was at 4 but I still decided to get there around 2:30 -3:00 PM. The girl who did my reservation was there and she told me I did not have to wait. *cue inner voice squealing in excitement*

I sat down on the chair and I was so nervous, I have NO idea why. It is not like it is the first time I get my makeup done, and not even on my wedding day was I so nervous. The girl began doing my make up and it started. The glorious feeling of being in the spotlight, getting your makeup done, feeling magical and glamorous.


No makeup face (don’t mind my serious face)

I could feel the confidence in me rising, my smile wide as can be. Primer DONE. She brings in the foundation and I was immediately SOLD. Urban Decay Naked Foundation is like a magical elixir. I am so fair I looked almost like a ghost but I still felt like I was the most beautiful woman on earth.


I loved this foundation right away. Let me explain. Even though I love/ed getting my makeup done for modeling, couture and photography makeup was heavy on my face and tiring after a while. This is something completely different, yet it gave me that same flawless feeling.

Halfway through getting my makeup done my husband arrived from parking the car and he knew, and I knew, that it was perfect. He was looking at me with THAT look. And I felt like a goddess.

The final result, was more than I could’ve imagined. She did a great job enhancing my natural beauty yet still making me feel beautiful and smoking hot. Needless to say I walked out of there like I was Adriana Lima on the VS Fashion Show. I got home and I had that confident and flirty attitude all day long.

Urban Decay, Macys, Gwen Stefani, MAC

All of this brought me back to those modeling days. They were long as hell, but walking out into the catwalk, hair and makeup on point, hundreds of people and flashes before me was the most empowering thing in the world.

Finally, I did a little shopping and got some goodies including my free lipstick. I got that foundation because it was just TOO perfect not to, and the Gwen Stefani Lip Liner in the shade Wonderland. The freebies include a UD Perversion mascara, UD Fixing Spray, and a mini Ultra Matte Revolution Lipstick. And I gave back my 6 mac containers in order to get a Flamingo Lipstick from MAC.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation 1.0Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Wonderland Lip LinerMAC cosmetics Flamingo Lipstick, Back to MACUrban Decay Even Goodies/SamplesUrban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting SprayUrban Decay Perversion Mascara

Urban Decay Ultra Matte Revolution Lipstick Red

Don’t mind the tip, I damaged it trying to take the cap off

Have you had supermodel day? What is your favorite thing about getting your makeup done?



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  1. M says:

    Dying to get my hands on all-nighter! Great post. xx

  2. hhardydawson says:

    You got some great things! I love the Back to MAC program, free lipstick just for recycling?! Yes, please!

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