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When I began watching endless YouTubers and Beauty Bloggers in December, one brand was constantly in the spotlight, Too Faced. I had heard of this brand a long time ago but since I was not that into makeup during that time I shrugged it off to a “someday”.

After starting to look for palettes to try and jumpstart my makeup collection once again, I had 2 top contenders. One that was really calling my attention was the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette and its Bordeaux and Earl Gray (which idk on camera looks like teal and that is my fave color) shadows. The other one was the Naked2 from Urban Decay.

I decided to get them both and I was looking to order them off ebay. I did not find any trustworthy sellers for the Bon Bons so I got the Naked2 and bought the bon bons off the TF website as my local Macy’s was sold out.

Turns out the Naked2 was a fake and I was able to get my money back, so now I am back to saving up to get it at either Macy’s or the UD website.

I did get the Too Faced order and I was lucky enough to order during an event for valentines day. I got some goodies in my package as well as samples of their bronzers. Now, they did not ship to PR, so I had to send the package over to my uncle’s house in MA and he brought it over. Nonetheless I was super excited to get it.

I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for my upcoming tutorial using this amazing brand new palette!



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  1. hhardydawson says:

    The Better Than Sex Mascara is my holy grail mascara. I’ve yet to find anything better and I love the Melted lipsticks too!

  2. Do you love your Bon Bon palette?? 🙂

  3. Bella Bee says:

    I want the Bon Bon palette soooo much!!

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