Perfect Bon Bons Look for work!

One of the struggles for me used to be figuring out what makeup to wear when I needed to go into work or more recently to the hospital or clinic. Oftentimes we are told that it should be subtle or even natural looking. Well I have discovered that while that is true up to a point, you can wear colorful makeup or even a Smokey eye and still be work appropriate.

For this reason, I have a tutorial of work appropriate makeup using my trusty Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette. My camera stopped recording in the end, so the video ends early, but the eye makeup application is complete. I did also change the lipstick because the one I had originally used was in my purse and I couldn’t find it.

This look uses several of the brown shades and gives a simple bronze sultry look that is perfect for any working woman, professional student, or just for every day.  It is fairly easy to recreate and you can combine with so many outfits. You can even transform it into a night appropriate look with liner and even a wing.

I am loving the whole idea of trying to dwell into my creative side, which I thought did not exist for a long time. I get to create different looks that can work for everyone and be appropriate for any type of situation.

I wore this look originally for my OSCE examination and loved it/got tons of compliments.IMG_7306.JPG

Let’s get into this!

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  1. I love this look! Reminds me almost of Molly Ringwald’s makeup in the Breakfast Club! So simple and gorgeous!

  2. Pretty!!!😚💕 Appropriate as an everyday look to run errands, grocery shopping, infact most activities!!!

    Much Love..

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