Kylie Lip Kit: Dolce K Review

* I have had this post ready to go for about a month now and I just never got around to taking the pictures. So I apologize. I hope to post a few more posts before the month is over and will figure out a new posting schedule and will let you guys know!

My history with this is a really funny one. First of all up until a few months ago I had no idea who Kylie Jenner was, that she had a makeup line, or how she was related to the Kardashians.

When I began immersing myself into this world of makeup once again, I began to see a lot of hype about something called Kylie Lip Kits that were matte liquid lipsticks. I wasn’t really sure what all the hype was about. And since I don’t like the Kardashians (sorry not sorry) I really could’ve cared less about her makeup line.

Fast forward to summer and studying for the step. Me and one of my best friends talked every single day. From venting from our frustrations studying for the Step, to relationship advice, life venting, and of course our slightly unhealthy makeup obsession. Well I began to be more interested in the Kylie lip kits, especially after watching Tati’s and Casey Holmes’ reviews.

Me and my friend began talking about which colors we liked and dupes and how they were always out of stock. Well surprise one day I wakeup and while browsing twitter I find out about a restock coming soon. I text my friends and they suggested following an Instagram page that is always up to date all Kylie related news.

I forgot about it and remembered the day after the restock happened and decided to check it out anyways. Well to my and my friends’ surprise there were still kits available!!! We all began to go crazy wanted to make an order until we found out about the $9 shipping. We decided to make a joint order and split the shipping.

A week and a half later the kits arrived and they were PERFECT.

I have never been one to follow trends but I must admit I am so happy I jumped on the Kylie bandwagon. I got Dolce K. I want some of the very unique colors that are hard to dupe, so my wish list consisted of Dolce K and 22, which was out of stock, but I still got Dolce K.

Kylie Lip Kit Dolce K

My husband had expressed to me once that he loved nude browns on me and I thought Dolce was such a beautiful pinky brown nude that he would love it. Well he did, and so did I. In the beginning I thought it made me look older but I ended up loving how it looks on me. The color is pure perfection for me. It gives me just the right amount of color and maturity that I need at this point in my life.

The formula is amazing. It is a matte lipstick so it is a little drying but I have found that it is much less drying than other liquid lipsticks. If you exfoliate and keep your lips hydrated it won’t really torture your lips. If I have chapped lips or have very dry lips what I do is put some lip balm underneath it and that helps a ton.Dolce K Lip Kit

The lipstick itself is very smooth and creamy when you put it on. It has amazing coverage and pigmentation. You need just one pass to get a good amount of products and it dries very fast and it looks amazing. This lasts a lifetime and it does not transfer at all when dry. Sometimes it flakes off after a long time of use and in the corners of the mouth. I lick my lips a lot especially the middle part so after eating and such that area needs retouching for me, but for my friends that did not happen.

NOW, IF you put lip balm underneath it wont dry down completely and it will transfer, not last as long, and it will start to disintegrate.

The lip liner is super smooth and matched perfectly. It is a pencil so you need to sharpen it and it shrinks relatively fast.

Dolce K pale swatch

The box is absolutely beautiful and I am 100% hoarding it just because.

I love this lipstick. It is always in my purse at the moment and I have been wearing it almost every single day. I truly love this. If you follow me on Instagram, you KNOW I have been using this a ton.

Me wearing Dolce K

Aaaanndddd I love this so much that I did something impulsive on back in the end of July. For about 15 days Kylie released her birthday collection and I stalked the page like a crazy person on the first day and managed to order another lip kit!

Can you guess which one I got? Have you got a Kylie Lip kit? If so which one do you own? 

*Hint: It is from the birthday collection. Review coming soon!




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