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Well after 4 months in my drafts, I have finally finished this post and have decided to publish it. I feel like the world’s worst blogger but life in 2016, after I took step 1, got so complicated I kind of got lost along the way and it has been a steep road to find myself again. And as stupid as it might sound, it happened once again during Christmastime and with the help of beauty and makeup. So here I leave you with my review of the Morphe Rose Gold collection. Enjoy!


Ever since I embraced this whole journey I have been wanting to try Morphe Brushes, never taking the plunge because I couldn’t decide which brushes I wanted. Fast forward to a few weeks back to when they launched their brand new collection of brushes featuring a Rose Gold ferrel.all-brushes

Now I do not know why, but I am obsessed with rose gold recently, thus no surprise as to why I was so drawn to this new collection. I quickly decided on a couple of models to try and to compliment my brush collection and I placed the order. I ordered 5 brushes, a combination of face and eye brushes just to get a good idea of how they perform and if there are any differences in quality.

It took about a week to be shipped, I ordered on August 24th, it shipped on Sept 1st, and arrived on Sept 7. The prices I found were very nice, reasonable and the shipping I believe was around $3.50 so it wasn’t bad, and it arrived fast which I definitely cannot complain.

The brushes are absolutely beautiful and incredibly soft. They are a lot bigger than they seem online so I might have to order some other styles to be able to complete the gaps in my brush collection. But over all they look very well made, sturdy, and it appears like they are dual fiber.

The design is very sleek and they are very easy to manage. They have a little bit of weight to them so they feel very luxurious and professional. They are easy to work with and clean, without them shedding all over the place. They have the style number written on the end of the handle so it is easy to find the names of each particular style. The handle seems to be wooden and painted black, and the ferrel seems to be metal dyed in rose gold.

All styles.png

As for how they perform, well they are an absolute dream! I have been using them for a while now (obviously since I have had them for months now) and I cannot wait to place another order. They are definitely versatile in their uses and can be easily cleaned with a towel between uses or colors.

My favorites out of the bunch is the Deluxe Blender R34 for the crease, the Pencil Crease R41  for precision in almost anything, and the Precision Pointed Contour R3 for setting concealer. The crease brush is nice and fluffy and is perfect for building up a nice crease contour or establishing a good transition shade. Whether you want it soft and romantic or strong and edgy this brush is perfect for this purpose. The pencil brush is so versatile. I especially love using it to deepen the outer v and to  put eye shadow under my lower lash line and smoke it out. I have also used it for nose contouring, and accentuation the inner/outer corners of the eye. Finally, the pointed contour is the perfect brush to set the under eye area, wipe off the bake, and even create a sharp, defined contour.

Morphe R34 Brush


The other brushes I have  are the Round Blender R33  and the Deluxe Highlight Fan R12 and both of these are good but I need to experiment a little more with them because I may be using them wrong. I know the fan brush is good for highlight but the ones I have used look better if I use an elf blush brush that is slightly pointed. The round blender is very densely packed, its pretty big for an eyeshadow brush, and  it is very pointed so I don’t necessarily like it for blending eyeshadow because it takes off too much color and applies way too much product. I still use it a lot for nose contouring and I actually love it for that. Since it is so densely packed and stiff but still soft and fluffy it is perfect for that use. Now I need to find some other uses for it.

Morphe R33 and R41



So in conclusion I really love this set of brushes and I plan to get my hand on some more in the near future. I definitely recommend checking out the Morphe brushes because they are very affordable and  very good quality, definitely worth the investment.

Thank you all so much for your support always. More coming soon I promise!


Jani V

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