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Ahhh handbags…

I can’t be the only one who gets googly eyed at the idea of a closet full of designer handbags. Unfortunately, as I am sure many share the sentiment, I do not have the budget for it. I have always dreamt of owning Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Fendi handbags. I am a very classic and simple 24 year old but I kind of have an older lady style, very the devil wear prada-chic.

I remember being younger and I loved borrowing  my mom’s LV to go out for special events. It was handed down to her by my grandmother, and I was lucky enough to be allowed to borrow it from time to time. I remember asking for a LV for my 15th birthday, and was quickly taken down from my dream cloud because it was not realistic to get it as a gift in that moment. At least, I was lucky enough to get to travel all across Europe as my 15th present and I had an amazing time.

It was there that my handbag collection began. I could never afford an LV in that time but I did get a Tous bag in Madrid, Spain. It was my most prized possession at the time. After that my uncles got me another Tous bag from their next trip to Europe and so on. That was the simple beginning of my handbag collection. I am still a newb 10 years later, because it hadn’t been such a priority to me until recently to actually look and plan into getting more high priced designer bags.

Last year I got my first Michael Kors for Christmas, and my second a few months later. I absolutely love them. The second one I got for a steal at a Macy’s sale and it came out at $70 from a retail of over $200. I use it almost all the time because it gives any outfit a pop of color and it’s the perfect size for any day. The first one was a gift from my mom and it’s a classic gray tote and I love it for the clinic and any professional setting. The only con is that it can get a little heavy. This year, since I am in rotations and I have classes, and need to carry a lot of equipment, I got a bag specific for my needs this year, and that has it’s own post here and here.

Now, as I start to plan the next stage of my career and personal life I think it is the perfect moment to begin planning the next step in my collection, luxury designer handbags. I have seen a lot of amazing handbags on pinterest and researched which are the best classics to invest in and I have a few that are at the top of my list. So far, my plan is to get one of the top 3 as a gift for myself upon graduating medical school, and the others to plan for future purchases.

So enough story telling, let’s get into handbag heaven!

  1. Gucci Soho Disco bag Gucci Soho Disco BagThis bag is a classic, timeless handbag that can be used in a number of settings and still look amazing. What I love about this bag is precisely how timeless it can be and the fact that the color selection allows just about anyone to have a unique piece in their collection. At $980 I think the price point is not that bad to start and certainly it will make a statement anywhere you go. I have not decided on whether to go with the black or the beige but either one will definitely go with any outfit.
  2. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30Louis Vuitton Speedy 30Louis Vuitton is definitely on most people’s wishlist and one of the most readily available designer brands. The speedy is a classic handbag that is also timeless and ageless. Made of a leather canvas, this piece is definitely durable and resistant to almost anything. I have chosen the 30 size because it is not to small and not too big and definitely will give me more than enough room for everything I need. I remember a Guess handbag I used to own that had this shape and it worked amazingly with an insert that also helped keep everything inside organize, and provided a little nightlight. I have read that is one of the cons to this bag, but this is definitely not an issue for me. As for the print, I KNOW I do not want the traditional monogram, so I am between the Damier Ebene and the Damier Azur.
  3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MMLouis Vuitton NeverfullThe Neverfull is the one of the most famous and most owned (at least that I’ve seen) handbags in the recent years. From teenagers to mature women, this handbag is definitely a favorite among handbag collectors all over. I think what attracts me the most to this bag is it’s versatility and space that basically serve any purpose imaginable. At least in the medium and large versions, you can comfortably fit your computer and everyday items comfortably. The only downside, as with most totes, it is the fact that they end up being bottomless pits, where you juggle with the contents to find any little thing unless you have an organizer or have everything separated in smaller bags. Nevertheless, this bag is a classic in any collection and will definitely be well used and loved no matter when you acquire it. As with the speedy, the leather canvas makes for a durable handbag and I am leaning towards the Damier styles rather than the traditional monogram.
  4. Fendi 3Jour 
  5. Fendi 3JourFendi is one of my favorite brands since forever ago. With it’s trendy styles in all things fashion it is definitely one of the most modern designer houses. Whenever I think about or read about Fendi I remember Fergie’s/The Black Eyed peas “My Humps” and I start singing in my head, buut getting back on topic, Fendi makes amazing handbags, just like Prada. I had totally forgotten they made handbags, because I gravitate a lot more towards their sunglasses, until I saw Tati’s video from I think 2 years ago, when James got her a Fendi purse for Christmas (OMG I STILL CANT BELIEVE THEY FINALLY GOT MARRIED). Any who, I totally remembered that I loved their bags back in the day and while looking through the classics I was debating the 2Jour and the 3Jour and opted to include the 3Jour in this list because the shape is more unique, it is bigger, and appears more comfortable/spacious. the color range is limited but they change sometimes with the seasons so until the time has come to actually purchase it I remain undecided on color.
  6. Louis Vuitton Saint Germain MMLouis Vuitton Saint-GermaineThis little gem has me madly in love and definitely wishing I could get IT instead of the others as a graduation, but it’s too high a price tag for graduation considering I won’t have started my job, I have to move, and I have massive loans to pay off in the coming years. Any who, I am currently looking for a good clutch/crossbody black bag that I can use in a variety of situations and this handbag definitely fits my checklist. Another classic addition to any collection and will definitely be put to good use in the future. I love the fact that it can be worn several ways and it is a good size to carry your essentials but still be small enough to be comfortable as a shoulder bag or cross body. The classic monogram in this this style is the perfect detail to make this a unique piece, and the gold details elevate this bag into elegance by being perfect for a day to night transition in no time.

7. Valentino Va Va Voom

Valentino Va Va VoomFinally the Valentino… this bag… this is the epitome of edgy elegance in a bag. A few months back Casey Holmes was snapping I believe about watching inthefrow’s designer handbag collection and she showed one that caught my attention so I headed to inthefrow’s channel to watch the video. Somewhere in between bags she showed this beauty in blue I believe and for me it was love at first sight. This bag in that video turned on that handbag switch to the next level, luxury designer handbags. Just like that I was embellished in planning and finding classics to make the list that will set me on track to start my collection in the near future.

I do not know what it is about this bag that just blows my mind and takes me to handbag heaven. It serves as a clutch or cross body bag and the studded detail makes it edgy enough to be unique yet elegant. I think it is timeless and it gives you an amazing variety of styles to work out with your outfit. From what I remember in the video it is fairly spacious for a clutch and this one is definitely a collectible. They have brought out a variety of colors but I would look into black, cream, grey, or navy just because I am more classic that way. Although if when the time comes to purchase it I find a statement piece color I probably would not hesitate to buy it.

Well, there you have it. This obviously is not the entire wishlist, but it is definitely the top of the list. I have some savings from when I worked and money I got as presents that I have put away for emergencies and stuff but when I start working in July 2018 I will combine everything and take the plunge to start my collection. I am so excited to keep building it with Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Kate Spade in the meantime.

What designer handbags do you own or plan to own in the future? Which one is your favorite? Which one should I get?


Jani <3

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11 responses to “My designer handbag wishlist”

  1. Girl that Gucci bag is going on my Christmas list next year lol! The price isnt even that bad at all!

  2. Lauren says:

    Great selection! That Gucci bag is top of my list but in the red colour! I am so hoping I can finally get my hands on it this year!

    • Jani V says:

      I think I am leaning more towards the Gucci than the LV so I am waiting to see which colors come out with the seasons. I have to decide when to get my hand on it so I can plan accordingly. If you do get it deff share which color you get! Thanks for reading 😘

      • Lauren says:

        Ooo indeed I never even thought about seasonal colours! My heart has been set on the red one for so long though that I think it has to be that one! No bother 🙂

  3. Emie says:

    Funny, I gratuated from my med residency last summer and as a reward I got myself the Gucci Soho Disco in black as my first designer bag! Definitely worth it 🙂 Good luck!

    • Jani V says:

      Congrats! What did you graduate from? I am still debating but I swayed from this list toward the LV Favorite MM since I DO need one and I already have a similar to the Soho *hides face*. But the Soho is still on my wishlist.

      • Emie says:

        Family medicine in Canada!
        Yeah of course the Neverfull is a classic you’ll keep forever and it looks super practical! The thing with bags is once you buy one you always want more *sigh*. (currently eyeing the Givenchy Antigona).
        Anyway, good luck with school and bag shopping 😉

        • Jani V says:

          Definitely haha I have always been a bag addict but I had never taken the plunge past my tous bags, now that I am getting older and more professional, I think its time!

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