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Disclaimer: Thinx are underwear for menstruation. If you feel uncomfortable with talking/reading about menstruation and/or are squeamish about these topics then I suggest you reconsider to continue reading.

This post has been updated as of May 2020.

Thinx menstruation underwear

There is always that one week a month where everything seems to be going wrong. We tend to get irritable over minuscule things. Sometimes we decide to break the diet and eat all the chocolate available. Cottonell puppy commercials make us cry, etc. You know what I am talking about, and then you realize what is happening. It is THAT time of the month. That dreaded time where your clothes don’t fit, you can’t wear certain things, and you get a migraine just thinking that you won’t rest well because you can only sleep 1 of 2 ways for a whole week. Well this was the story of my life every month since that first time I got my period.

In this post we will dive DEEP into Thinx Underwear, the best solution for women everywhere!

My Menstruation History:

As time went by it got progressively worse and I tried different treatments and nothing worked. So with time, I learned to just deal with it. Most of the time I was try to make the best out of an awful situation. It started when I was 16 and I started to read a book called, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Yes, to some it might be weird that I was reading that at 16 but I was/am a weird person. That book taught me a lot. I learned about my body, how it works, and how to deal with my awful periods. Mainly I learned to read my body and know for certain when everything was happening. During that time I decided to finish my last pack of disposable napkins and I bought my first Lunapads.


Transition to cloth pads:

What are Lunapads you ask? Well they are cloth pads that you wash after every use. You can also reuse them for several years. This was the first step to making my periods not as bad. I used to have a lot of problems after my period ended. Yet since I switched, those problems went away and my periods are a lot better. I also tried the Diva Cup, which is a silicone menstrual cup you insert (sort of like a tampon but without the chemicals or risk of infection) but that didn’t work out as well as the Lunapads for me.


Discovering Thinx:

Fast forward several years, Thinx launched as a kickstart company.  They promised to provide underwear that could withstand your period flow, look sexy and/or cute, and keep you safe from accidents. Eventually they were able to launch the company and voila! Well last year, around this time, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you I do NOT regret that decision. First I got the hiphugger which is $34. Let me make a point before continuing: all of these things seem expensive at first, but when you consider they are reusable and will last you many years, well, it becomes very affordable.

thinx menstraution underwear

The Hiphugger:

OK, back to the hiphugger. I got it in medium size, I am normally around a size 4-6 in pants around the market. They fit like a dream and the best part, they are perfect for sleeping! This is so because the absorbent lining goes all the way up the backside so you know what that means?! No leaks at night which == better night’s sleep. The design is perfect so that it will not move around or have any spillage during the day even with a heavy flow (which this style is designed for). Also the fabrics they use help you feel clean, dry, and fresh all day long. Getting into TMI territory, I have worn this on the heaviest day (when I would’ve changed several times normally or with cloth pads) and it has held up great. I think I went over only once, but I was testing it’s limits just for my own knowledge.

Thinx Menstruation Underwear

Other Styles:

Since I loved that style, I was dying to get another one. I searched and thought and debated until I decided on the Cheeky. It is similar to a bikini style mixed with a normal cheeky, so if you have a little bit of buns like me, you will get more cheeky effect than bikini. This style is designed for lighter days so it does not have as much coverage all around as the hiphugger. The parts that are lined are great at keeping you clean, dry, and fresh all day long. I also got this style in medium and it fits me perfectly. Now that I got the Mirena IUD, I get much more advantage from this than the hiphugger because of the much lighter periods.

They have 8 total styles. Other popular styles are the ThongBoyshort, and High waisted. There is a new style called Sport, which is labeled for medium days and it appears to be a bikini like style. This is the next one on my to buy list for sure!

Thinx Menstruation underwear

More than just undies:

Just this past week or so they launched a whole new line of products which consists of  a leotard and unitard which are designed with their original style, period proof. Perfect for ballerinas, dancers, and even working out! So they are expanding and definitely trying to cater to a wider population of bad ass women. They also have reusable tampon applicators that can help reduce your plastic waste if you are not ready to completely transfer to something like a menstrual cup. If you wonder where will you find tampons without the applicator, well they also have them on their site, 100% organic cotton tampons.

The fabric used for these underwear garments is really great quality. The fabric description as per the website is: Interior Innermost 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Middle breathable PUL, 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Outer 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane; Trim 100% Polyester. They also offer options for organic cotton and ultra thin microfiber.

I think these pieces are very well constructed, and the stitching is durable and strong. It comes in various colors now, but originally it was only black and nude. They have since added white and patterns. I an very excited to see what they will come up with next, because they have already added new styles.



I think the most complicated part about owning these is the caring for them. According to the company, Thinx, they recommend that you rinse first, wash in cold water (WITHOUT using fabric softener) and hang dry. The only part that troubles me is the softener because at times it gets mixed in with the other dark clothes and I forget they were in there. After the first time I immediately wrote to the customer service and they said it would be fine, but to be more careful next time. In short 1-2 times it will be ok but more than that it could affect the quality of the item.

Aside from the fabric softener issue, I honestly have nothing bad to say about these. Oh wait! They can create static with certain pant fabrics, but maybe this isn’t something that happens to everyone.  I hope to buy more in the future to create a decent collection for every month. I am sure these will last a long time and they are one of the better alternatives out there to help make the best out of  a “bad” situation. At first there were times I was even excited to get my period just to wear them.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this very random yet informative post and review. If you wish to try Thinx they have a Give $10, Get $10 program if you use my link to purchase HERE. You will receive $10 off your order and I will get a $10 credit.

Have you tried Lunapads and/or Thinx? What would you consider trying from either of these? 

Thanks for reading.


Jani <3

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    Hey thanks for this amazing blog. I am also using the period panty and seriously these underware are very comfortable & stylish.

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