Battle of the liquid lips: Kylie vs WnW Liquid Catsuit

This post was supposed to go up Thursday but you know, life gets in the way. Anyway, here it is now and I hope you enjoy it! Also this is my first attempt at flatlay photos, what do you think?

I don’t know about you but I detest having to reapply my lipstick every hour while on clinic, or worrying that my lipstick of smearing or breaking off so that it looks patchy and bad while seeing patients. For this reason, traditional lipsticks have been an issue during rotations. In the beginning I looked through my extensive lip collection to find something that would last, and lo and behold the Kylie lip kit in Dolce K was the one that would last me all morning and sometimes through lunch without falling apart.

wet n wild catsuit vs kylie lip kits

A lot of people complain about how drying these liquid lipsticks can be, but honestly I don’t find them that drying (especially compared to the Milani Amore Matte liquid lipsticks, which are like acid for your lips). If you stay hydrated, keep lip balm, and try to not bite your lips too much (like me) then it can really look beautiful everyday.

Dolce K, Leo, Maliboo Kylie Lip Kits

I loved my Kylie lip kit so much that I got Leo from the birthday collection in August, and during the holidays I ordered Maliboo, another nude for everyday use. Honestly I don’t have much more to say about these, other than, with every new collection she puts out, they are more hydrating and less drying. I have a whole review on my thoughts of the Dolce K lip kit.

Kylie Lip Kits Dolce k Leo MalibooWell fast forward to the new year and the gigantic array of new makeup releases, the Wet n Wild liquid catsuit lipsticks caught my eye. Just like last year, I stalked my local Walgreens awaiting the display updates. When I finally found them I could not resist getting my hands on them and bought the first 2 colors they had:  Coral Corruption and Nudist Peach. The next week, I swung by after class to find more colors available and a 3/$10 offer and immediately grabbed Rebel Rose, Pink Really Hard, and Give me Mocha.

I have to say I am IN LOVE with these liquid lipsticks. They have a very nice color selection, 13 shades to be exact. There is one for every skin tone and every type of situation. I like the selection of nudes that they have and they are perfect for everyday use. Kylie obviously has a much wider color selection (over 20 shades) but I am sure if these are a hit (which I think they will be) Wet n Wild will hopefully come out with more colors.

Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit

Ugh I realized after this That I did not have them in order nor had I swatched them in order but it’s just my ocd haha

Let’s start with the most objective factor:

  1. Price
    The Wet n Wild liquid lipsticks are $4.99 regular price at Walgreens and CVS, and $4.68 at Walmart. Kylie Lip kits are $29 for the kit and $17 for the singles of each color. The price difference is pretty obvious, especially when you factor in sale opportunities, like the one Walgreens had right now of 3/$10 plus you get point rewards. Kylie Cosmetics is not known for having a lot of sales, but recently they have been coming up with a lot of good offers, as well as free shipping in domestic orders over $40. If you consider the price of domestic shipping, ~$9, then there is a significant price increase. I also want to factor in the fact that you can only order the Kylie Lip Kits online or in a pop up store, while the Wet n Wild you can find easily at the drugstore.
  2. packaging
  3. Packaging
    For many, myself included, packaging is not that big of a deal, but I know for some it is, so I will briefly compare them. The Kylie Lip Kits have a very recognizable and unique packaging, and with every special collection the packaging changes. It is a traditional round liquid lipstick acrylic tube, with her design label in black, gold, rose gold, or silver. It features a traditional Doe foot applicator that is soft and fluffy. It gathers the product nicely, and applies an even layer of the product to your lips.The Wet n Wild liquid catsuit come in a vary petite and chubby round acrylic (feels almost like glass) tube with a black top and a simple design that has the name of the collection. You can easily see the amount and color of the product from the outside. It also features  a Doe foot applicator but this one almost empty in the middle so that the product gathers in the middle of the applicator to hug your lips and apply a good, even amount of product.
  4. Formula
    Formula wise I do not find too many differences, especially in comfort of wear. The Kylie Lip Kits have a very solid formula, that is very, very long lasting, comfortable on the lips, and with even pigmentation. The formula has a thick, mousey consistency and smells like vanilla. The Wet n Wild Catsuit also has a very long wearing formula, but comes off a lot easier with certain food and makeup remover.

    The consistency is  thinner and not as heavy as the Kylie formula. For the most part, the pigmentation is very even and with amazing coverage, except for Give Me Mocha, for which you need a good 2 coats to get a very full coverage. I honestly don’t mind this because it gives you the chance to build it up very easily without caking up, while the Kylie formula is more prone to caking.The only significant difference I note is in regards to using lip balm and transfer. I believe I mentioned in my Dolce K Review that if you wear lip balm under the Kylie Lip Kits, it tends to make the formula not transfer proof. The Wet n Wild liquid Catsuit does not have this issue. You can wear lip balm under or over and it will still keep the formula matte and transfer proof, which I like very much. I also find that the Kylie formula tends to crumble off more on the corners of your lips than the Wet n Wild.

    Finally we all know liquid lipsticks can be very drying and damaging for your lips, and some can make you feel like the life is being sucked out of your lips (like the Milani ones). Well, in this aspect I can say there are very minimal differences but the Wet n Wild ones take the cake by a a hair. The Kylie formula has improved with time, with the latests colors having a much less drying formula than the original ones (like Maliboo vs Dolce K), but since it it such a thick formula, it can dry out your lips if you need to reapply several times and use them everyday. The Wet n Wild ones are only mildly drying, at least for me, and you can reapply and wear every day and it wont kill you lips, at least for me.

  5. Overview
    Overall, I really enjoy both of these products but for the reasons I have mentioned I have found myself leaning more towards the Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit lipsticks. I love the playful colors like Pink Really hard and Coral corruption on me for everyday use, but I still alternate with using Dolce K and Maliboo. One of the winning points was the ability to use them with lip balm and keep being transfer proof, and not caking with building it up. So as far as this battle goes, Wet n Wild takes the trophy!

What is your favorite liquid lipstick brand? Have you tried the Kylie Lip kits or the Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit? Let me know in the comments below!


Jani <3

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8 responses to “Battle of the liquid lips: Kylie vs WnW Liquid Catsuit”

  1. Ive never used wet & wild stuff before – but good to know! I do love kylie’s collection though – it’s so to die for, i just wish it was more affordable, but that’s the difference between her stuff and others lol!

  2. Great comparison love xoxo

  3. Maria says:

    What kind of lip balm works?

    Everything I’ve tried with the wetnwild makes them come completely off. My lips feel too dry!

    • janiv10 says:

      I’ve used the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm and Blistex Medicated one. I usually apply the balm first, let it absorb, take off the excess and apply the wet n wild on top. I then wait for it to dry. It usually works for me with this. You could always try using a lip scrub and mask at night to keep them extra hydrated

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