Signature scents: Carolina Herrera CH

Before last year, I wasn’t really a perfume girl. I had a handful of perfumes that I stuck to for years because I am very picky and selective with the scents I enjoy, and the notes that I enjoy wearing. I shared my small perfume collection last year on the blog HERE. One thing led to another and my mom got a perfume for her birthday that I absolutely fell in love with. It was the Carolina Herrera CH perfume. Although it is a very luxurious scent, I think for my taste it is perfect for every day wear.

Carolina Herrera CH

To give you a better idea of my perfume likes, I love the Armani Code for women and the XOXO Heartbeat. They are both strong perfumes and usually more evening scents. They are very musky and woody with floral elements. As for the CH, it is mostly citrus and wood, with sweet, musky, and sweet spice accords. I use Fragantica to get the note information for all of my perfumes, they describe this perfume:

The new Carolina Herrera perfume is floral, with a fresh start and an oriental finish. The composition is opened with fresh notes of bergamot, orange, grapefruit and a juicy melon. In the sweet heart there are Bulgarian rose, jasmine and praline. Cinnamon, woody notes and leather lock the composition down.

CH Box Set

It has a lot of elements but for me, the CH it just smells like pure sophistication and elegance in a bottle. When worn this makes you feel like the fragrance empowers and strengthens you while also maintaining the femininity and delicacy that sets you apart from those around you. And as a professional woman, I love this feeling! Another thing I love about this, is that because it is a strong, deep fragrance it can take you from day to night and still be appropriate for both settings. Perhaps the only time I think it would not work, is during spring summer if you are looking for a more refreshing kind of fragrance. But fall and winter, you can wear it all day.


How I came to own this perfume, is very sweet. I had been eyeing this for over 6 months, and since I had several perfumes my husband, who is also my conscience at times, made me commit to finishing my previous daily perfume before acquiring this one. Since I found it reasonable, I agreed but moped in silence. Well after I passed Step 1, there was an event in a department store, and he got home with a huge box, featuring the 3.4oz bottle and the hand cream. I was ecstatic! Even though I still had some of the other everyday fragrance left, he got this for me as a gift and I love it.

Carolina Herrera CH

I did finish my previous perfume, the Express Love, eventually but I have been wearing this ever since. I have never been one to like fruity/sweet scents, but I think this year I may try to find a spring/summer refreshing scent to add to my collection. I would love your suggestions in the comments!

What is your favorite perfume? What kind of scent/notes do you prefer? 

Thanks for reading!


Jani <3

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  1. Michelle says:

    That sounds like my kind of scent, I need to try it out

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