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I know a lot of us in the beauty blogging community know and love KathleenLights. She is catalogued like one of the fastest growing beauty gurus of our time and from the first time I watcher her videos I knew why. She is so genuine and likable, she makes you feel like you are sitting right there with her in her gorgeous beauty room. If you follow her channel, you know she loves makeup but she has a passion for nail polish. Late last year we were surprised with the launch of her very own nail polish line called KL Polish. For months she was polling her followers trying to do a sort of virtual focus group to figure out people’s favorite traits in nail polish.

Zoey and Das Esspensive

I am not one to obsess over collaborations and youtuber launches, but after a dear friend posted on IG that she got her hands on a few shades, I too had to see them for myself. I gave myself a treat and ordered Zoey and her limited edition Birthday Shade Das Esspensive XXV (Not available anymore). As she explained, the name of the shade includes a number to symbolize her 25th birthday, and even though she won’t bring back old shades, she will launch a new shade every year that is all glittery perfection.

Order PackagingWhen they arrived I was so excited to try them on that I debated whether or not to alternate the shades in my fingers. Hubby was not too fond of that idea. I ended up trying out Zoey first. Zoey is a beautiful mauve shade, in a lot of pictures it looks brown/rose but in reality it is a lot more on the purple/mauve side than the brown/pink. Even though I was disappointed with that at first, it quickly faded because the color is absolutely stunning.

Polish Names

The order came in really quick, I believe less than 5 days from ordering, and keep in mind I am in Puerto Rico so it’s a day or two longer than in the mainland. The packaging in very elegant, it comes wrapped in black tissue paper and with her brand stickers. The packaging is thoughtful for the safety of the products during travel. Also in the order is a little cardboard note with a message written on it, that I feel is very nice and thoughtful.The messages change all the time with the collections and all so that’s pretty cool.Zoey and Das Esspensive

The packaging of the actual polish is a simple square glass bottle with a medium length, thick handle that is matte and sort of rubberized/silicon-y. It is very easy to grab, shake, and open, and the handle helps to have control because it gives a non slip grip. When you open there is a medium length wand with a thick, rounded, flat brush that grabs the ideal amount of formula to apply a good even coat. I noticed that the formula is thick enough that if you distribute it evenly and want to have a chill look, one coat can be enough. If you prefer a more dense and opaque color, then 2 coats is more than enough.


As for durability, I noticed that the formula is relatively long lasting, even on my very oily nails. Usually I can only get about 1-3 days before color starts to chip away and with these I managed to get 4-5 days with a sub par base and top coat. I am currently on the lookout for a good base and top coat so any recommendations, leave them in the comments! The color dries out a little darker than the color you see in the bottle for the Zoey, and I actually ended up liking it better that way. Originally the color seemed a lot more pink in pictures so when I got it I was taken aback by the color difference. That quickly went away when I tried it on  and I actually like the color a lot more than the color I was expecting.

Das Esspensive

As for Das Esspensive, I love this shade! It is so out of the norm for me to wear a pure glitter color but I loved how this looked in pictures and I caved and got it. It is a gold-silver glitter combo and it was the first time I bought glitter nail polish ( I have used glitter before but never bought because they are never great). This one is amazing. It is thick and packed with glitter. The formula on this is a little grainy (duh) and it gunks up a bit easily but it still works well even when gunky. It is just like the other polish where one coat has good coverage but 2 coats makes it very even and opaque. This one lasted over a week and it just chipped a little bit after about 3-4 days. I loved this color but I must say it was an enormous pain in the butt to take off. I used 100% Pure Acetone and I had to rub and sort of scrub my nails to get it completely off.

KL Polish Review Zoey

Soo I give these 2 thumbs up and the new spring line just launched! The Zoey is a permanent color while Das Esspensive was a limited edition shade. She promised she would be creating new glitters every year for her birthday so if glitters are your thing, keep an eye out next year! Up next I would probably get a color like St Claire, That’s What She Said, or Caramello. These are all very different I know but those are the ones I like the most!

Have you tried KL Polish? Do you love or hate it? 

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  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    Zoey is such a gorgeous shade!

  2. Haley says:

    I’ve been considering placing an order– they sound perfect! As for good base coats, I haven’t found anything better than the ORLY Bonding Base Coat. It definitely extends the wear of pretty much every polish I’ve tried!

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