Sephora Spring Sale Haul!

Hey lovelies! Everyone knows spring brings with it a whole new world of makeup and sales to the beauty community, and Sephora never misses on this opportunity with it’s famous VIB sale/Semi annual sale. Unfortunately, I have not reached VIB status which means I only get the Beauty Insider discount of 10% and window to the sale a few days later. This though, did not stop me from taking advantage of that 10% and the extra cashback on ebates which I think was like 4%.

Sephora BI Spring Sale

I was dying to try the Tatcha Best Seller Set and the Bite Beauty Agave Lip balm so that is exactly what I got. I wanted the new Tarte Magical Brush Set but it was unavailable when I logged in to buy. Another plus was that I’d forgotten to make a purchase and get my birthday gift from Sephora so I got the Tarte Duo.

The first thing I tried was the Bite Agave Lip Balm. I have chronically dry lips and with my love of liquid lips that gets even worse. I have tried the Agave Lip Mask, and I love it, so it was obvious I was dying to try the lip balm. Last year for my Bday my dad got me a ton of stuff from Sephora, including the Bite Beauty Amouse Bouche lipstick in Pepper which I absolutely love and adore. The packaging is the classic black, matte, sleek case of their lipsticks but this one is “pill” shaped so sadly you cannot make it stand. When you open it it smells like vanilla. The product is yellow colored and looks silky and shiny. It definitely glides over your lips and it feels very hydrating, it does not feel sticky or oily. I have really enjoyed using this for the past week, and also I have seen an improvement in my dry lips since using this. They stay soft and smooth a lot longer during the day. Just an FYI another thing that helps chronic dry lips is staying adequately hydrated during the day.

Bite Agave Lip Balm

I also got my hands on the Tatcha Bestsellers Set. I have been eyeing Tatcha for a while now, but everyone who has been curious about them knows they are very expensive. Despite that, I have wanted to try their products because everything I have seen or heard has been very good. Tatcha is cruelty free and they have a lot of products with great ingredients. The set comes with 4 deluxe size products, each of which is essentially a travel size more than a sample/deluxe size, so that is a great deal considering how expensive this brand is. Comes with:

Unfortunately I have not tried this out yet, since I am in the process of moving and trying to finish my other products before breaking out these new ones. I think I am most excited about the Enzyme Rice Powder and the eye cream. I love the packaging of their products and I will do a full review when I try it out.

Tatcha Best Seller

Those are the 2 things I bought, and since April was my birthday month, I was able to pick out a birthday set and since I love my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes, I went for the Tarte Gift Set. This set is cute and has a deluxe size Amazonian Blush and a mini Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint. I was nervous about the color, Paaarty, but it turns out I love it! It’s a beautiful brown blush with rose undertones, it’s matte and perfect for more subtle looks. I am not the biggest fan of the Lip Paints, the set has the shade Birthday Suit, which is a beautiful rosey nude shade,  but I will be giving it away to my cousins who are starting to get involved in makeup. I am excited to start creating more colorful summer looks and give this baby some love.

Tarte Birthday SetTarte Gift Set Shades

And I also got several samples that I will be giving away to the winner of my giveaway in her package!

So there you have it, it’s not much, but I am definitely excited about what I got for the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Sale.

What did you get during the sale? 



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10 responses to “Sephora Spring Sale Haul!”

  1. Azra says:

    So many amazing products, you must be super excited to try and use all of them. That Tatcha set looks amazing. xx

  2. janahpinku says:

    Wow, what a lovely haul! 💕 That Tarte blush is simply so beautiful.

  3. ayrgalaxy says:

    I saw this on your IG stories and I was like “she went all out” because tatcha sure is pricey! I would like to try it as well in the future. 🙂 And lucky! Birthday gift was tarte, I wonder if they will have the same samples for my birthday month (doubt it, lol). Great haul love!

    • Jani V says:

      I know!! I was skeptical for so long but the discount helped me just do it. It’s $59 for the set and the sizes are very appropriate IMO so it was totally worth it. As for the birthday gift, I believe it’s the same year round but depends on availability, so I’ll be crossing my fingers for you!

  4. I’ve always wanted to try Tatcha, but the price has stopped me. That set looks so beautiful though! Maybe I’ll make the splurge later this year 😉
    There are so many good reviews about the Bite Beauty lip mask and lip balm. I’m waiting until I finish all of the lip balms I have open before trying a Bite one. Which one do you prefer out of the two?

    • Jani V says:

      The set IMO is definitely worth to try the brand. Its only $59 so with a VIB discount for the sale and EBates helps a ton in that sense. As for the lip balms, I am really liking the Bite lip balm! I feel like it nourishes your lips without chapping them in the process like others do, esp the medicated ones. If you combine the lip. balm with a good scrubbing once a week your lips will be perfect! As for other brands, I still really like Eos lip balms but I feel Bite lasts longer on your lips

      • $59 is actually a great price for a set of sample sized products! Sets are always such a good deal.
        Ah, I can’t do EOS at all, it feels like it dries out my lips, haha! The Bite lip balm sounds promising though. I think I might buy it in the November VIB sale!

        • Jani V says:

          Yes it is, and IMO they are slightly bigger than sample size, more like deluxe/travel size which is even better (this is how I tend to justify my purchases LOL)

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