Beachy Getaway Shopping!

Although it may come as a surprise to many, it had been a long time since I had felt hot sand under my feet. I know, shame on me. I live in Puerto Rico, a tiny island in the Caribbean surrounded by water and with numerous amazing beaches. To tell you all the truth, I am not the biggest fan of tanning, so going to the beach can be relaxing and fun while also being a pain in the butt. I wear as much sunblock as humanly possible, I lay under umbrellas and palm tress and oftentimes, I still end up red as a beet (anticholinergic jokes aside). Add to that issue, the fact that medical school has been crazy and every summer I have had something to do, going to the beach was the last thing on my mind. I still dreamt of going back soon.


Costa Azul Beach in Luquillo

I have been THAT nagging wife that every single weekend said “I want to go to the beach this weekend” since about November 2016. But really, since completing USMLE Step 1 I felt a calling to go back to the beach, more than anything as a relaxing and grounding experience. I admit I might have gone a little crazy last year in August during Hollister’s sale, I bought 4 swimsuit pieces for about $40! I got some pieces to mix and match, and then a very cute pink polka dot bikini set that was a little out of my comfort zone considering the amount of pushup in the top. But it was like $7 how could I not?

Then earlier this year, I went to Aerie and they had a promotion of $30 one piece swimsuit. Mind you, I have been wanting a one piece for about 3 years now but they were not very in trend then and were super expensive (in like >$60 rage). I saw this gorgeous piece and I HAD to have it. Finally, after about 3 years that have felt like an eternity, we were going to the beach during Holy Week.

One Piece Aerie.jpg

I tried several pieces on like this trendy, deep v on the side, very 80’s style swim but I seriously felt like the girls were going to fall out, we do NOT need that happening. This style has come out in various colors and even with cute funny prints like this one that says “So Vacay” and this one that says “So coconut”. I also tried this fringy one in black but I am definitely not into fringe. For that reason I kept the one that I originally saw. Unfortunately with the sales going on, it is sold out but there are some similar styles that are absolutely gorgeous. For example this white one with a pineapple detail that has been tempting me ever since it became available. I also want this camo green one that I saw in a fellow bloggers page and it is absolutely beautiful.

Me @ the beachSee after much nagging, I convinced the hubby to got to the beach during spring break. So obviously I needed to plan my outfit as an excuse for some retail therapy. Now came the next dilemma, I needed a cute coverup. I searched endlessly both online and in person. InterMix has some gorgeous ones that are simply there for normal/broke people to dream about. But for those lucky ones out there that can buy from Intermix there is this beautiful cream colored cotton tunic from a brand called Miguelina, or this Camilla printed mini dress or my favorite the Aurora Mini Dress.

Hey, I know those are crazy expensive but they are so so gorgeous, a girl can definitely dream! Another option which I fell in love with at Macy’s is this printed tunic from Jessica Simpson collection. I couldn’t get a good enough deal on this so I decided against spending so much on just a simple coverup. I ended up going on spring break without a coverup but it worked out in the end. I found some pretty sweet high waisted shorts at American Eagle in a dark wash Rich Inked and light wash Midnight Summer. I paired that with an old tee and I was ready to head to the beach.

peasannt dress

Which brings me to this past week when Ebates is celebrating their anniversary and most of their participating stores are having 15% cashback (ENDS TODAY MAY 14 @MIDNIGHT)! I hopped back onto the Aerie site and lucky me I end up finding this beautiful peasant dress for just $25 and I decided to snatch a bikini top to pair with that tribal bottom I got last year.  After spring break, my in laws decided to plan a weekend getaway to  go to Culebra Island when I finish this semester. Yay! More opportunity to savor the salty, clear, blue water and to plan some rockin’ outfits! Culebra is a small islet municipality that has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches (listed in the top 10 beaches of the world on trip advisor). I am excited to go here as I have never been so these next 3 weeks are going to be filled with lots of day dreaming I am there.


What’s missing? Well to finally, for the first time ever I am feeling trendy. I have been feeling the desire to be in trend, which for me has never happened before. But part of that was getting these cute baby blue colorful flip flops that go perfectly with my one piece and create a good accent piece with my other swimsuits. They also have this super cute white ones that say That’s bananas. Now I got them from DSW for $25 but they only carry Kate Spade in stores so this was the only link I could find them on. They do have other styles available at Nordstrom like this white and red floral one and this pink floral one. Macys also has this beautiful black, white, and gold striped one. To complete my look all that’s missing is a hat, some sunglasses and a bag.


Oceano’s Beach in Condado

I have been eyeing these pretty sun hats all over blogs and Instagram. It appears the trend began with Moda Operandi and some outrageous prices, but thankfully they have been recreated by many like Express, Kate Spade, and even Amazon with funny quotes like Talk to the Sand and Resting Beach Face. I own a pair or Ray Ban’s since many years ago but I have been on the hunt for a new pair. I originally liked this pair from Tory Burch and wanted them for Christmas but I missed out on a great sale and they are now kind of hard to find. This pair is so cute and very in trend, very 80’s. There is also this pair that is very similar to that one I was wanting during Christmas. A few months back I also fell in love with these Gucci ones.

Beach Selfie

Finally bags! If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love bags. Bags are my obsession and perdition. Recently I did a post in collaboration with Mahi Leather to talk about weekend bags. I got the Columbus from them and I adore it, it definitely has come in handy during the moving process! Well aside from using my Columbus for the getaway, I need an actual bag to carry our things to the beach. I am not sure if I will buy a new one or use the ones I have at hand but these are some of the options I am considering. This small and handy bag from ASOS is so cute and affordable (only $24) looks very well made and study. Macy’s has some options as well like this straw bag that is all you need to feel the summer right around the corner. I also like this BooHoo Part Time Mermaid bag which is absolutely adorable.


Whoo that was much longer that I expected it to be, but if you got through it all, AWESOME! I am sure you by now have the itch bug to go spend some money. I sure have spent some, but also I have been making money from every purchase using Ebates and taking advantage of their 15% cashback anniversary celebration (ENDS TODAY MAY 14 @MIDNIGHT). (Psstt there is also a giveaway). Another way is using my Discover it credit card and getting 1% cashback on every purchase.

What are you looking forward most about summer? 

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  1. happyroxanne says:

    I cannot believe you live in Puerto Rico, it’s so cool! Also, all the swimsuits look really nice 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Love that polka dot bikini! I look forward to sit on a beach chair (even if it’s just on my balcony) and read 🙂

    • Jani V says:

      Ohh yeahh that is definitely so nice!!! Although reading on the beach here is almost impossible, too much brightness. Thanks for reading ❤️

  3. That’s so cool that you live in Puerto Rico! Glad you finally made it to the beach! 🙂 I live close to Lake Michigan but the water is always freezing so we hardly ever go. I’d love to live near nice beaches!

  4. Amanda Bella says:

    So much to love in this post (except the fact that I missed the Ebates SALE!!! Ahh!) I’ve been dying to get to a beach myself — I love your swimsuit! XO

    • Jani V says:

      They have extended the sale partially (some stores are having 10% cashback still) but I hope you can catch the next event!! Thanks girl! I love it too, sad I couldn’t get it in pink! Hope you can get to a beach in the summer ❤️❤️

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