Who doesn’t love a fancy handbag? I sure do. Luckily in today’s market you can find very good dupes for pricy luxury bags. There are many alternatives for many of the classic, and trendy handbags for great prices. One of my latest finds was this amazing dupe for the famous Chloe Drew Bag.

Chloe drew

The Dupe:

I do not own the dupe (yet?) but I wanted to showcase it anyway. I recently bought a ton of stuff from Express and as I was browsing the site I saw this cute little bag. It is not identical but I think it’s a pretty darn close dupe but it is still unique. I am talking about the Express Turnlock Crossbody. It comes in 3 color at the moment and it is only $40! It seems that Express made a great choice to get into this Dupe market with this bag.

Express Turnlock

The Original:

The Chloe Drew is a very simple yet sophisticated bag. Many believe it will become a classic or iconic bag for the brand. It has been around for some time now and it had been very successful and trendy for years. It comes in different sizes. I believe the medium is the most popular. It retails at the moment for $1,650-$1,950 and THAT is one hefty price tag. Of course, as with any designer bag, the quality of the material is incredibly luxurious, real grain leather and it should be very long lasting. This a beautiful bag perfect for women who want to look lux but modern.

open chloe drew


Of course the bags are not identical but they are incredibly similar. The only drawback is that I feel the Express bag is limited in it’s versatility as an evening/going out bag. The overall look is the same except for the chain on the Drew which is all metal, and very sleek, which gives the bag an elegant feel. On the Turnlock Crossbody the chain is half metal and half leather which tones it down giving it a more casual feel. The other detail is the closure. The iconic Drew closure features a chain and link while the Express bag has a turn-lock which is much more simple and less sophisticated.

Open Turnlocl


Even with these differences I think I might consider getting the Express bag in the cameo color as I don’t have a similar bag, but we’ll see. Either way, if the Chloe is something you have had your eye on but you can’t or won’t spend the 1k price tag then I think this is a great option.  Since writing this post, I have seen it in store and I really like this bag. It is smaller than the Drew in medium from what I have seen. The only reason I did not get it is because I have my eye on another bag in cameo and I may get that one instead.

cameo turnlock

Sorry for the short post and for it not being an item I own but I really wanted to share this bag as Express always has sales going on especially during the month of July. It is a great piece to add to any wardrobe and have unique pieces without breaking the bank. Also check out my previous Dupe post for the Chanel Le Boy!


Have you seen any other good Chloe Drew dupes out there? Let me know in the comments. 



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Chloe Drew Dupe

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8 responses to “MUST HAVE Chloe Drew DUPE!”

  1. Siyana says:

    The original bag is hell expensive but so beautiful at the same time. The dupe is incredible! but so sad that it isn’t available in pink 🙁

  2. Azra says:

    Dupe looks really pretty, I mean for that money it is really great. Great find girl. xx

    • Jani V says:

      I know right? I found it by accident and my jaw literally dropped when I saw it. And when I saw it in store <3 beautiful. thanks for stopping by love!

  3. ayrgalaxy says:

    I can’t believe the price tag!! That’s crazy expensive but $40 for a dupe?! That’s a steal!! I know some brands complain about dupes calling them “copies” but seriously, the majority of the population can’t buy a bag that expensive. We take what we can get lol.
    Anyway, I think the dupe is gorgeous. Just as much as the original of course. Lol. I only own one crossbody bag but I wanna get more into accesories. I used to be and idk when I stopped caring lol.
    Anyway, I hope that you’re doing well! I wish you the bestest of luck in your residency. I can’t imagine it being easy.

    • Jani V says:

      Hey thanks! I know!! At least this dupe is not like identical as others I have seen and they made it similar enough to appeal but unique enough not be a “copy”. I am all into crossbodies recently and I *may* have just splurged on a new and unique one. I am not in residency *yet* but studying for my last big exam before applying. So I will take that luck anyway and thank you for it <3

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