Day to Night Outfit Challenge

We’ve all had those days. You get a random text at 4pm to go for dinner or drinks at 5:30. Not even out of work, still need to get gas AND you are not dressed for the occasion. How will you transition your outfit and get there on time? Here I have a few tricks to help you transition flawlessly and still have a poised composed look.

AUrate New York recently began a day to night outfit challenge and I wanted to share my outfit choices. AUrate New York is a jewelry company that is all about the ethical use of resources and materials. In addition to wanting to impact where and how the materials are obtained, they also have a project to impact disadvantaged communities. If you remember, I wrote about looking out for Brands with a Purpose and AUrate definitely fits the bill.

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The Mission:

I was very moved by their A Book for your Look. They have partnered up with Master Charter Schools to give books to the children in Philadelphia from underprivileged areas. The purpose is to promote education and self empowerment especially during these times. One of the founders, Sophie Kahn, speaks about how a book impacted her back when she was in school and has always driven her to believe we can all make a change in someone’s life one way or another. Through this project, they give a book for every piece of jewelry sold and they help a child gain something that will last them a lifetime, knowledge and education.

booksOne of the reasons they are running this particular challenge is to empower women in transforming an outfit from day to night. One of the simplest ways to do this is with your accessories. As a medical student on rotations and fourth year electives, sometimes I am in the hospital until late and I get a call from my husband to meet up for drinks and some food. Luckily most of the time my house is in route to the place. This gives me the chance to get a quick touch up and transform from hospital to night out in 5 minutes.

Day Earrings

The Products:

A typical day outfit for me consists of dress pants, a blouse, flats and minimal accessories. During the week I tend to keep it simple with earrings you can leave on. Some of their alternatives to fit this purpose are the Icon (1), X (2), Pyramid (3), and flower earring studs (4). Other daily pieces for work are the diamond circle (5) and the Quadripearl ear jacket (6). Of these, my favorite one would be the flower earring stud. It is small and simple, yet it has an elegant feminine element. It would also be perfect to wear to the OR and to the Labor and Delivery Unit without worrying about it tangling in scrub caps, bouffants or ripping it off accidentally.

Day Outfit Challenge

The Transformation:

To turn this looks around into a night look a jewelry change is the first step. For these my top 4 choices are the tribar ear jacket (1), the geometric pearl (2), the gold disk earrings (3), and the circle earrings (4). These are all amazing alternatives for a night out. Whether for dinner, drinks, or even a date night these earring will surely turn any outfit into a sophisticated night look. Of those 4, my favorite is by far the tribar ear jacket. It’s simple elegance is definitely a statement piece. A piece like that can only enhance your look no matter what you are wearing. Another change you can do is shoes. Exchange the flats for some sandals or heels and spike up you makeup with a bold lip.

Night Earrings


Like I mentioned above, AUrate is all about ethical jewelry. This includes their silver, gold, and gems. All of their pieces are made in New York with 14 and 18 karat gold, or silver with 14k gold plating. All of their materials are sourced with human, social and environmentally friendly practices to provide high quality jewelry at amazing prices. This will also you peace of heart and mind when buying.

Night Challenge

I was attracted to all their positive impact on society through their A book for your look project as well as their production mission. I hope to get my hands on some of the pieces soon.

What are your favorite ways to change your look from day to night? 


Jani <3

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  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    I never thought of using jewelry as a way to change an outfit from day to night. What a great idea. 🙂

  2. Ginger Smith says:

    I love the simple earrings. And that top is totally my style! Love it!

  3. TeeShares says:

    I wish i had read this a coupla years ago when I was always meeting friends or going for cocktails after work. It’s easy to change jewellery and handbag BUT I never thought of it, did I? In fact, I always took a clothing item to change and that was always a hassle as not everytime did I have enough time to get changed. I’ll remember this next time though.

    • Jani V says:

      I know, I sometimes forget too but having the visual reminder is a great way to remember it. Such a fast, simple step can make a huge difference!

  4. I’m so boring when it comes to jewelry! A little lazy, too, but I love that top. Great tips!

  5. such a great, easy way to change up an outfit! By the way, I love that shirt!! 🙂

  6. This is such a smart outfit transformation. I love the evening shoes .

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