Bootay Bag & The Melanoma Foundation

Ever browse through your underwear drawer looking for something cute, comfortable, something that doesn’t cinch too much at the hip, and that you could wear under everything? Underwear shopping is always an option. This is not always easy though. I have always been an Aerie girl. I still am, but I have also found a super cool new alternative that fits just perfect into my busy medical student lifestyle.

The Concept:

Imagine getting new, sexy, cute, flattering underwear in the mail every month? Sounds like a dream for busy women everywhere. Well this is possible in today’s time! We are living in the world of subscription boxes, and this brand took that concept to a new level. For just $12 a month you get 2 new underwear pieces right to your doorstep at the end of the month. The best part is that it comes in a cute little bag that is perfect for pictures and flatlays.

Bootay Bag Hello Babe I'm Here

What am I talking about then? Well the company is called Bootay Bag! I found them while browsing a friends Instagram page. After that I researched a little, and it started showing up more and more on my feed from other bloggers. This is not your same old subscription service. They are also a philanthropic company that has a strong mission of giving back. This is so because of one the founders, Elly. Her father was diagnosed and is battling melanoma. This is how their philanthropic mission began.

The Mission:

So for every subscription bag bought they donate to the melanoma foundation.  They also give the option to contact them if you have a different cause you would like them to support. I think this is truly amazing and inspiring for other brands.

Mix it Up Bootay Bag

My thoughts:

At this point I have gotten 3 bags and I am absolutely in love with their products. The quality is incredible and they are soft, comfortable, they don’t ride up, and even though they are microfiber, they don’t make me uncomfortable during the day or workouts. They can be washed in the washing machine and dried in low heat dryer. Some of them are a great alternative for dresses and work pants because they do not have a sewn seam so they are “invisible”, so this is always a plus.


I feel like I sound silly sometimes talking about so many philanthropic brands, but it’s important for me to support companies that give back and to get the word out there about them so that you can find them as well. This is a great brand to share with you all and I hope you give it a try.

Have I peaked you interest in trying it out? Click HERE to Register for your first bag and get 20% OFF!!! 


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