New Year, New Goals: Welcoming 2018

I have had my first 3 weeks of vacation in what seems like forever. It’s been a time to think and reflect on my goals for life, career, and this blog in 2018. This past year was a crazy and unexpected one. I had set so many things up and I ended up not accomplishing many of them. Of course, a lot of it had to do with life happening and plans needing to change last minute. But it is for this reason that for 2018 I will try to be more realistic with my goals, as well as go on yet another journey to find myself. Life has changed so much since I began this blog. I feel like I have grown and changed with it and as such I feel we need a change in direction. Instead of resolutions, I am calling these my new year goals.

2018 goals1. 1. Be Real

Sometimes we fall on the routine way to hard. Other times we try to fit ourselves into a mold of how we want to be perceived. I don’t like to continue on the pity party, but the truth is that living through Maria, adapting to life without power, internet, or social media changed me. During the times when cell service was close to none except at night or the hospital, I went through a digital detox. I learned there is so much more to life that likes and followers. Our society is so desperate to keep us glued to our phones, that you start to feel it IS a part of your life. A part that you NEED to survive. When you don’t have any of this, guess what? Life goes ON.

Real Me

Yes, I want to be a part of this blogging world and grow my instagram. I don’t want any of these for popularity or money. I want to grow them because I have met some pretty amazing people through this world and I want to meet more. There is so much advice on how to be a successful blogger, instagrammer, etc. that is based on doing what other people do to succeed. Some of my favorite accounts are those that went against the norm, against the system in order to succeed. And they did! It is those people who inspire me the most and give me hope that no matter if it’s slowly, I can make it my way. So for 2018 one of my goals is to be real and be me 100%, no matter what the marketing strategies say.

2. Finding Balance

I started this blog because after a really tough time in the first half of first year. I’d found joy in dressing up, putting on makeup, and writing. I wanted to do it all, blog, Instagram, youtube, medical school. Quickly I realized I was in over my head and quit recoding videos. The balance of it all  became a struggle and at times the blog suffered. It is all about priorities. In the earlier years of medical school that was a priority, so was my husband. Then in third year it was all about making it through. Having enough sleep to make it day to day was essential. I still found time to blog here and there. Then fourth year came along and everything I thought it was going to be, it wasn’t. Now that we have power back I have found more inspiration and options for writing. But it all comes back to balance.

finding balanceIn our society we will always struggle to find balance. So for 2018 I want to try and find my balance again with all the upcoming changes. I became good at adapting quickly, but now I need to be better at balancing my life.

3. My Journey

the journey

The previous point transitions perfectly into the third of my goals, finding myself. When the blog began, makeup had become a way to improve my self esteem and help me find myself. But like I said above, life’s situations have changed me and I no longer feel as much happiness when doing my makeup as I used to. Right now I feel like I’m in a funk and I don’t have anything I am super joyful about doing outside of the routine. So I want to try and find that again. Lately I have been more into fashion and photography but I guess we’ll see. I also need to set some goals outside of my career, like things to accomplish during the residency years. I know I want to travel and explore the world, but having short term ones too. Guess it is hard to see beyond a certain point when Match is still a few months away and there’s so many unknowns.

4. Consistency/Drive

This is something I have had in my “resolutions” many times before. I don’t know why but it’s something that it’s hard for me to stick to. But seeing as I also want to find balance maybe this year I will be able to improve on this. I want to post on this blog, and Instagram, more consistently. Going to the gym or incorporating some sort of workout is also something I want to do more often. Along with being more consistent with things in life, is finding a way to maintain my motivation and inspiration. So another of the goals for 2018 is to push myself to be on top of my goals for the year and for my platforms. This is one of the things I struggle the most with but I will definitely make an effort to be better.

5. Be Healthy-er

I don’t consider myself to be unhealthy, but I am not as healthy as I’d want to be. One of my goals is to tone up, gain stamina, and eat better. There is also a huge part of me that is dying to go back to my 2-3 liters of water a day. I had made it a habit to drink 2-3 liters per day and then the hurricane hit. Bottled water was scarce and tap water was not fit to be drunk. Once water bottles became easier to acquire it still was a struggle to get back into adequate amounts of water. Before the hurricanes, I was about to sign up for the gym so I might as well give it a try, outside hurricane season. If gym doesn’t work out, I have a plan b for working out, let’s hope I can keep it. Finally, before moving in with my mom we were eating more veggies and fish and that has decreased. So for my 2018 goals, more veggies and fish are in my plans!

Well I honestly can’t think of anything else to realistically set myself up for. I think these goals are small and broad enough to achieve easily and start making better habits. I would really love your feedback on how to improve, and grow, in life and this blog.

What are your resolutions, or goals, for 2018? XOXO


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4 responses to “New Year, New Goals: Welcoming 2018”

  1. ObDoctormom says:

    Love your honest and real post. Hoping you have a wonderful 2018!

  2. Chloe says:

    This is a beautiful reflective piece! I’m just starting out again in blogging, and I’d love to hear how you get on in later posts. Good luck!

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