Must Have Shoes for WORKING Women

Being a working woman is no easy job. It can be hard to find your own identity in a world filled with uniforms and professional work fashion. I have found simple ways to give any look, outfit, or uniform some personal touches. Shoes are an easy way to express yourself if you wear a uniform, a suit, or clothes that maybe normally you wouldn’t.  They can make or break an outfit, or completely transform it. In this post, we will swell into the magnificent world of shoes. I will tell you MY list of shoes every working woman should own to bring some personality into the corporate/professional world. In addition, I will also give you some ideas on when to use them, and how they can be versatile.

Shoes working women MUST have


Some people my not agree with this statement that flats are essential for working women anywhere. But for me they are the most important. In fact, they are the most universal and versatile out of the bunch. I have 2 absolute favorites for this category. First off, the Tory Burch Chelsey Ballet Flat is a MUST have. Not only does it look classy and elegant, it is incredibly comfortable and versatile. I have used these flats with work pants, dresses, and jeans. They can even take you from day to night in a second. My second choice are the Boaonda Silicone Flats (Icari, Fabi, Lazo). I talked about them in my Essentials post and I still think they are incredibly comfy. These I have worn with numerous outfits including for work, night out, or casual. They both come in a variety of colors and the Boaonda have super cute details that are sure to lift your spirits.

Low Pointy Heels:

This one is a given. Pointy heels, for some reason, are a symbol of elegance and professionalism. I find one of the most comfortable shoes you can own, outside of flats, are low heels. I am talking 1-2 inches, and could even be a thicker or block heel. A pair of my favorite low heels is from Nine West and I found them for around $20 at DSW a few years ago. What I love about these heels is that once you break them in they are super comfy because they won’t squish your toes. The other cool thing is that since your feet is not on your tip toes, it wont hurt your arch or your calves. These types of heels are perfect for a casual date night or night out for a walk. I have worn mine with numerous outfits from jeans to dresses and it always gives me joy to find this versatility. Mine were the pair I chose to wear for out engagement photo shoot. nine west low pointy pump


I never thought of boots as a must have shoe for work until I was at my away rotation in the transition from fall into winter. During thanksgiving weekend sales, I found an amazing pair of Steve Madden Boots that became my everyday work shoes. They are leather and low heeled which means they were comfortable and kept my feet warm during the cold days. Being leather rather than suede also made them look classier and more professional. The amazing thing is that boots are very versatile as well. We all usually own boots already and we know that they can be used in so many ways and for so many occasions. Depending on the material, details, and height they can easily take you from day to night. So whether ankle or mid-calf boots, I think every woman should own a good pair of boots for work. More so for the cold winter months!

Statement Shoes:

One of my favorite shoes to wear are my BCBGeneration “Rockstuds” that I also found at DSW for around $20 a few years ago. They are the perfect dupe for the Valentino pair and I know that in the future I will get the originals. They are the right amount of classy yet daring to wear for work. Every once in a while we have to let our personality shine through and using a statement shoe is a very creative way to do so. Another possible style of statement shoe is an animal print pump, or a bright colored sandal, to name a few. The best thing about these is that these are the shoes you’ll more likely wear for a fun night out with friends or just to dress up. For me my new Blue by Betsey Johnson are on that boat. Sadly they are not very work friendly. Being over 4 inches and covered in glitter they would most definitely make a statement but kill my feet.

Valentino Rockstud DUPE

Avery Blue by Betsey Johnson

This list is meant as a guide based on my own personal opinion. Most of the time, I wear flats but I do enjoy wearing comfortable heels every once in a while. Your work setting will also dictate a lot especially if you have strict dress codes and such. Using your accessories, shoes, or handbags you can express yourself and feel even more confident being a #bosswoman.

What are your favorite shoes for work?

Thanks for reading!



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8 responses to “Must Have Shoes for WORKING Women”

  1. Kerri says:

    Loving the boots you picked!

  2. Chloë says:

    I love these shoes! I’m picky for comfort, so I have a mid block heel in black and a flat pair of Russell Bomleys on constant rotation. Could definitely stock up! x

    • janiv10 says:

      I love the boaonda so much, and the Tory Burch ones come with a block heel that are to DIE for! I hope they put them on sale again this year!

  3. cathi says:

    Anything by Betsy Johnson works for me!

  4. Great suggestion & really cute picks! I have the worst luck with flats, I have yet to find a comfortable pair, but I’m going to check out those Tory Burch ballets, they sound like a winner! XOXO

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