About NOVAPaws & Being an Ambassador

In this post I will be sharing with you all about NovaPaws Canada, another company for my brands with a purpose, and how YOU can make a difference.

At present time many have forgotten that humans are not the only beings in the world. We share this wonderful planet with numerous incredible creatures, including cats and dogs. The truth is, most animals are incredibly pure and adapting. As such, we often forget they require food, water, shelter, and social interactions. I am thankful for the people that impacted me growing up.  Because they taught me to cherish all life in the world. For this reason, I am a huge animal lover and animal rights promoter.

Seven years ago, one afternoon my life changed forever. As I opened my car door I was welcomed by a beautiful puff ball. She was incredibly happy to see me for the first time. That was enough for me to fall in love and I took her home, her name is Bella. Today, I am the proud mom of a rescue dog, Bella, and a rescue cat, Pepe. I love them to pieces and promise to continue advocating for them always!

Rescue Pup Bella

This is my Beautiful girl Bella!

About NOVAPaws?

NovaPaws is a Canadian non profit brand that sells a variety of goods and all of their proceeds go toward animal charities. At the time I found their page they were searching for brand ambassadors. I immediately applied to be part of this project. They have a wide variety of products, from t-shirts to products for you and your pets. One of my favorites is their Paw Pad Balm which is an organic balm that you can use to moisturize your pets paw pads. It is entirely non toxic, organic, and it smells amazing. You can also use it on your own hands. They now have new and awesome leashes that look pretty cool. I especially love the t-shirts which come in an array of colors and prints and some you can even personalize!



NovaPaws Nonprofit

Novapaws Organic Products

The Partnership

When chosen as Ambassador you get some perks. These include a discount code and the choice to help animal charities. I was given a choice to send all of my referral proceeds to the charities they already work with OR choose my own. After Hurricane Maria over 250,000 fled the island in search of better opportunities and lifestyle. In addition to that, Airlines had limited number  flights and of pets allowed on each flight. Thus, many people had to leave their pets behind. To make matters worse, most, if not all of the animal shelters and sanctuaries were severely affected by the hurricane. Before the storm they were already above capacity for animals. So after the event, the situation was even critical.

Rescued Girls

The Rescued Girls

In spite of this, several national organizations came to the island to help with rescuing and transport of animals off the island. One of these organizations was Guardians of Rescue. After the storm, I volunteered at my local Humane Society Shelter and got to see them work firsthand. They were not only helping with transport, they were doing the logistics to move hundreds of animals off the island. In addition to that work, they made promotions to help these angels find new homes and to continue to fund all of these efforts. Situations here were critical for months without power. Dozens of animals were abandoned and turned in everyday. Eventually, most of the animals were shipped off towards mainland US. As a matter of fact, I am incredibly thankful to Guardians of Rescue for coming to our aid in such a time of need.

Rescue Dogs

This is our neighbor’s dog and Bella’s friend Ophelia!

Save a sato

This is our neighbor’s other pup, Ophelia’s sister and Bella’s foxy cousin Olivia!

For these reasons, I chose to support both charities: the Humane Society of Puerto Rico and Guardians of Rescue.

What CAN you do?

With this in mind, there are certainly many things YOU can do. First is visit their page and check out their exclusive products. NOVAPaws products are organic, and completely nontoxic to humans or animals. Since they are non-profit, the proceedings from purchases made on their site go toward charities. As part of my being an Ambassador with them, they gave me a 10% discount code. When you use the code JANIMD10 you get 10% off your order AND the proceeds from that purchase go toward my chosen charities.

Rescue Cat

This is our big boy Pepe

Given that, if there is an item that catches your interest, I urge you to consider this. You can also help spread awareness about this incredible brand. Sharing this post, telling your friends about it, or following them on social media are also ways you can help. I am very excited and happy to work with such an amazing company and brand. My pets are my babies and honestly couldn’t see myself without them. Being a rescue mom is amazing. It definitely makes everyday one filled with love and gratitude from both parts. I leave you with this: rescue animals are forever grateful for your love and kindness.  Even though they might not always be the most trendy, they won’t have “papers”, BUT they will love you always and are so worth it!

Save a Sato

Trying to get a perfect picture with the kiddos but it didn’t happen

Thanks for reading!



Share this post to spread awareness about this amazing brand and help animal in need all over Puerto Rico and Canada!

NovaPaws Ambassador

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