Lilac and Stripes

Ever since a few years ago, Maxi dresses have been all the rage for spring and summer. I mean I  get it. Nice, flowy, strappy, colorful dresses can make any girl feel amazing and beautiful. But, if you are tall like me, it can CERTAINLY be a problem. For years I have searched for the PERFECT spring Maxi dress with no avail. They are always WAY too short. Oftentimes, I had to compromise and wear them a few inches off the floor and just get on with it. Well, FINALLY times have changed. I have found the PERFECT Spring Maxi dress for tall, long-legged women like me!

forever 21 maxi dress

The Experience

After YEARS of not shopping a Forever 21 I can’t believe I found the perfect maxi dress there. Honestly, I had moved on to better quality clothes and a more mature style. But just a couple of days ago I found myself liking a LOT of their pieces. Not only were they beautiful pieces, many of them were really GOOD quality pieces at a bit higher price range. In view of this, I can say I was IMPRESSED. After 3 trips to the dressing rooms I found myself in front of this colorful striped maxi dress. Thinking it would not flatter me I went back to try it on. My life changed. I was IN LOVE.

perfect summer maxi dress

The Pros

Actual floor length. Good coverage vs cleavage. Nice fabric and NOT see-through. I felt in Maxi dress heaven. I went back to rack to try to find another pattern, since they were all the same style/fabric but still unique pieces. That is when I found a SECOND piece! Different fabric and colors but the same style of dress. I could honestly not have imagined a better shopping day. In the end I was torn between the two dresses. After a lot of back a forth and a little push from the husband I decided to take them both home (you will see the second one soon-ish)! Both of these are incredibly versatile in what you can wear them. My favorite thing is the fact that you can play with your accessories and dress this up or down depending on the time of day and how yo style it. The price is very good for the quality, it is $37.90! It certainly is high for F21 but if like me you prefer quality then this is a good piece to opt in on.

summer maxi dress

The Cons

Even though I am in LOVE with these Spring Maxi Dresses, there are some downsides. First is obviously the fact that they are from Forever 21 so I don’t expect them to last me AGES. I will say that I previously owned a very nice (similar) quality dress I used as an evening dress and it lasted me through 4-5 events and several washes. I got rid of it because it no longer fit me. In addition to this, the sizing is horrendous. I usually wear a size 4, pretty standardly. This means I am usually a S-M, and I had to get this in a Large. As such, girls who are usually a more medium-large sizes will likely not find this piece suitable. I truly wish it were more true to size not only because it is kind of annoying not to have consistency, but also because it lack inclusivity to more curvy, and plus sized girls.

spring maxi outfit

The Spring Maxi

For this post I have decided to style this dress with several new pieces. First off, I paired it with my brand new babies, the Ray Ban Clubmaster in black, my new tan sandals from Tommy Hilfiger, my Sun Hat, and my lovely lilac handbag. The whole outfit comes together with minimal makeup and jewelry, perfect for one of those hot summer days. I have seriously been loving these dresses. Not only because I finally have a proper fitting maxi dress, but because they are incredibly flattering and comfortable to wear.

favorite maxi dress

When I wear this I feel very empowered and confident in myself. I end up loving how I look and feeling like it fits into my style perfectly. Usually, I am a very classic girl. But even though I gravitate towards certain styles for dressing up, there is something incredibly thrilling about breaking out of your comfort zone and playing with colors and patterns.

spring maxi dress outfit

Ray Ban Clubmaster

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perfect spring maxi dress

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12 responses to “Lilac and Stripes”

  1. Joanna says:

    Loving this beautiful spring look! You went bold with the color but it looks great!

  2. peri says:

    So pretty! I love this look

  3. I love my forever 21 maxi dresses! I’ve actually gotten a lot of use out of them! This one is gorgeous on you!
    María Eugenia

    • Jani says:

      Thank you!! I was actually at forever 21 trying to see if I found something like the skirt you took on your trip and found so many great things! I was very Happy with my findings, so thank you for the inspiration to go!

  4. Oooh, I think the dress looks really stunning! I see myself totally wearing it to places like the beach (because I noticed you mentioned it’s from Forever 21, so the quality might not make it a wear-for-every-occassion type of thing. But beach trips should be far and few in between, so lovely dresses like that are really my favorite to wear on those trips!)

    Really love your overall look though, Jani!!

  5. Jani says:

    Thank Mica! It is actually surprisingly good quality for Forever 21, so you could definitely wear it out for a casual dinner or event like that. But I agree, it is perfect for caribbean and tropical vacations/trips!

  6. Brooke says:

    The maxi dress looks beautiful on you! Glad you found one that works for you!

  7. This dress is beautiful! Does the cleavage stay in place nicely?

    • Jani says:

      It actually does!! I haven’t had anything spill or open, only bra peeking through sometimes but that because of the style of bra. Definitely well made!

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