My Experience Doing the 23 & Me Health and Ancestry DNA Kit

It seems that there has been a hype about getting your genetic ancestry and other genetic information tested. As a medical student, now Doctor, I was genuinely curious about this for the longest time. Part of the issue at first was the fact that there are numerous kits for this. On Black Friday my husband decided to buy one for himself. After he got his results and everything I decided to get the same one. The 23 & Me Health and Ancestry Kit. The kits are expensive. So in order to save some money, I took advantage of Valentine’s Day sale on the 23 & Me site. I have now had this kit for several months but I never got around to doing it. Well, I have finally decided to go through with it and also share the experience with all of you. In this post I will share general information about the kit, what it includes, the app and my actual experience doing it.

23 & me health and ancestry

The 23 & Me Kit:

The kit arrived fairly fast. Especially so considering there have been many delays with mail since after Hurricane Maria. They send you a tracking number that really allows you to monitor the package and know exactly when to expect the kit to arrive. The package is a small rectangular box and inside it features all aspects of the kit. It includes the tube where you put the saliva sample, and a biohazard bag. It also features the shipping label for when you take the sample you can shit it out as soon as possible. In addition, it contains a small booklet with instructions and directing you to activate your account with the kit ID number. This action then redirects you to download the app and activate your account. As for the kit I feel it is very simple for any person to do and follow the instructions. The important thing for the process to be done correctly is to remember to send it out quickly and making sure it does not get exposed to extreme temperatures.

23 and me kit

The App:

I love the app. It is so much fun and so user friendly. My favorite aspect is the fact that you can do question sets that ask you about a broad number of categories. I find a lot of these questions very cool to answer but I feel like the common person with absolutely NO medical knowledge might have a hard time answering SOME of these questions. The best part is that these questions are used to better understand the relationship between DNA/Genes and conditions, behaviors, etc. They are also studying populations and seeing how different traits are expressed within them. The app also lets you track your kit from when you ship it to when it’s analyzed. For me it’s a pretty cool experience and I like that they make you feel included in the whole process.

23 & me app

My Experience:

So far my experience has been really good. I took a couple of months to mail out the kit because I kept putting it off to write this post. My husband did his right away and he got all of his results in about 6-8 weeks. The instructions are really easy to follow. I love their app and the question sets, they were incredibly entertaining to do. My only worry with this is what I mentioned above, some of the questions may not be easy to understand/answer by some people. For the most part they have a help/support area and they tend to explain these terms broadly. As such it should not be a major issue and everything can be googled to find more information. I am excited to see my results for both ancestry and the health markers they investigate.

23 and me dna kit

You can select different variants to have analyzed as well as they are constantly adding to their repertoire of genetic information. As for me, I chose to have all of the possible health risk variants analyzed. I really liked doing this and I will expand on this post when I get my results! If you want to receive a 20% the kit of your preference, use THIS LINK and you will receive a 20% on your order. This is a referral link so I get credits for future purchases with 23 & Me!

23 and me dna sample

Have you thought of getting your DNA analyzed? Had you heard about 23 & Me?  

Thanks for reading!



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23 and me health and ancestry

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12 responses to “My Experience Doing the 23 & Me Health and Ancestry DNA Kit”

  1. Are you sure it works perfectly? Where did you order it from?

    • Jani says:

      I got it from their site, after my husband received his results. It was pretty similar to what we expected and they have a lot of useful information. You can get your kit HERE with my referral code and get a discount if interested.

  2. I bought the ancestry kit for each of my parents. When all of that data selling and using your information for other research came out in the news. We decided not to do it. I think they updated the privacy and consent documents to inform users that you can opt out of sharing your data. So, I will need to take a look to see. I really do want know what’s flowing in my blood.

    • Jani says:

      They do have updated terms and you can choose wether or not you want to share information, which information, and also what you want them to do with your sample. My husband got his results and I will be mailing mine out tomorrow. I will definitely update when I get my results.

  3. Andrea says:

    I have been very curious to do this test! It looks very simple to follow!! I would love to know your experience once you receive the results!


    Seize your Style

  4. This medical kit is so practical and handy to use in many situations when needed.. I think it’s a bright idea and recommendable..

  5. D says:

    Very interesting. I would a bit unsure if I would want to do this test. However this is an interesting read!

    D from

  6. It is an interesting concept but my concern is that of privacy. How protected is the information we share ?

    • Jani says:

      That is best explained in detail in their privacy policy and there are areas where you can choose how you want your sample and your information to be used. The questions in the app are voluntary not required, and after you get your information you can choose to destroy the remaining sample and prevent further testing.

  7. Adolfo says:

    This is truly helpful, thanks.

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