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Spring and Summer. The PERFECT seasons to brake out all of the dresses you own (like this gorgeous striped Maxi). When the warm weather finally begins to peek through, we are ready for the beautiful colors in the fashion world. This time of year is usually one where we see a broad variety of colors in everything from clothes to house decor. There is something about the pastels and brighter summer colors that cheers you up. If you live in a tropical oasis like me, then the temperatures rarely drop below 70. If so, then these type of dresses are PERFECT comfortable flower dress additions to your wardrobe. I am talking about the Old Navy Cami Dress. These dresses are the perfect addition to your wardrobe featuring vibrant colors, in comfortable to wear flower patterns.

comfortable flower dress


I remember seeing them for the first time about 3 years ago. If they existed before, I had never noticed. But that time, thanks to a friend I was very intrigued by these dresses. I bought my first one in Ft Lauderdale on a trip we took prior to Step 1. Anyway, I was obsessed with this dress. For an Island girl, these type of dresses are a MUST. Ever since that day, I look for them every summer to see the colors and prints they bring out. This year was no different. Luckily this year I was able to be on the lookout early on and get my hands on them quickly.

old navi cami dress

The Dress:

Honestly, I love these dresses. I love their versatility and comfort, as well as their colors and breathability. These are only part of the reason why they are a must have staple for the spring and summer. Curiously, they change minimal aspects of these dresses every year. This year they have made the straps a little thicker, but they are sill adjustable, and it no longer has a zipper, which I think is a definitive improvement. In addition to the changes, this year they brought out the same type of dress in different styles, lengths, and necklines. The price on these dresses is at $25 regular priced, but they often have sales and BOGO which can get you these for a good deal. It also seems like they have become increasingly popular, and I can see why.

old navi cami dress back details

The quality of the fabric is also very nice in both prints I got this year, compared to one of the styles I got last year, which tore easily. I also really like that the lightest colors come lined, which is definitely a plus in windy summer weather. Additionally, I like the broad diversity of prints they bring out. This helps with the fact that many people seem to be getting their hands on them. I now own 5 of these dresses. And, I will likely continue to purchase them every year. They are a great way to add some variability and trendy colors to my wardrobe in spring and summer.

Styling Old Navy Cami Dress

Styling it:

I love styling these cami dresses very casually. My preferred way is pairing them with either Sperry Top Siders or Converse. The great thing about owning several of this style of cami dress is you can use trendy vibrant colors and prints and always look freshened up. You can easily rock these for a day on the beach or for a Caribbean vacation. I personally love wearing them at home or out and about. Spring and summer can be ridiculously hot and humid and these dresses are very breezy. You can also easily style them up a bit by playing with your accessories for a nice casual dinner or night at the movies.  As you can see the possibilities with these are endless! One of these is coming with me to Mexico, and I will be showing you even more ways of styling it.

Yellow Old Navy Cami Dress

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8 responses to “Colorful & Comfortable Flower Dress”

  1. Kim says:

    Gorgeous dress! I love that shade of yellow. Glad you got it after three years of admiring it, haha.

    Kim |

    • Jani says:

      I actually have gotten them every year but this one I was able to snatch early on right after it came out. Look forward to them every year! Thanks for the love 💕

  2. You’re totally rocking this dress! It’s so fun and colorful–perfect for summer!

  3. Azra says:

    Yellow is definitely your color girl. xx

  4. Stylease says:

    Pretty and cute, babe!!
    This color suits you perfect <3

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