Retratos con Sabor a Mexico, AirBnB Experiences Review

It’s been over a month since my last post. Well, a LOT has happened since. I hope I will be able to get back in my blogging groove soon. For now I wanted to share an amazing experience we went through on our Mexico vacation, 2 months ago! When we were planning our vacation to Mexico city, I really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful sights in the city to do a photo shoot. As some of you who follow along on Instagram know, we never did get our wedding pictures. This vacation seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to get some professional pictures to add to our collection. We looked at Shoot my Travel, but their rates were a little high. That is when we found AirBnB Experiences.

This new to us feature allows you to book different activities, sort of like groupon, for a broad variety of prices. From photography experiences, to tours and cooking classes there is a LOT to find on these experiences.We decided to book a photography experience with Marce called Retratos con Sabor a Mexico. It was affordable, we liked her photo gallery, and it included some tapas tasting. Beautiful pictures alongside a food experience without breaking the bank? Sign me up!

The experience

We started our day early, and we met up with Marce at around 8:45am in front of Palacio de Bellas Artes. Then we began our experience taking different styles of pictures all around the Palace and the park, called Alameda Central. We walked and talked about different topics, from our experiences in the city, to history and politics. Marce was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the city and captivating with her narratives of how the different areas we visited came to be. It was indeed a culturally enriching experience. One where we got to have fun with each other and take some romantic pictures in a beautiful city. IN the beginning we were both being a little camera shy. But Marce was great in getting us to loosen up and feel more comfortable with the camera.

Not only were we learning about the history and culture of Mexico City, Marce was also teaching us photography tips. My hubby has an on/off hobby with photography and we were definitely taking advantage of her tips in the upcoming days of our trip. From teaching us how to play with perspective to how different lenses can give you different styles of pictures. I can say we truly enjoyed this experience as a learning one but also a fun thing to do together.

AirBnB Experiences

Another thing I truly enjoyed about this experience is the fact that Marce has her experience very structured but is also very open to incorporate new things that you feel like trying. She is great getting a read on your personality and finding poses and shots that capture your essence. I love that spontaneity!  I had TONS of crazy ideas for shot at even if they didn’t work out, it made our time together even more memorable.

The Pictures

As you can see, the pictures came out really nice and I love the minimal editing she did for them. I feel like she was able to capture us being ourselves and just enjoying a nice outing together. In addition to the nice pictures, I love how she captured the intrinsic beauty of the park and areas in the city we shot at. There is definitely something ethereal to some of the pictures with the wide lens she used to give depth and effect to the frame. I am a sucker for beautiful aesthetic and natural scenery. On top of that, I love modernist and neoclassical architecture so the setting for the photo shoot ended up being absolutely perfect.

The overview

When we did our shooting, Marce was telling us that she was trying to develop 2 other photo shoot experiences. Once was in the Chapultepec palace and gardens. The other I cannot remember well, but I think she wanted to try some of the archeological sites. I definitely think I would LOVE to do the Chapultepec one. That place was incredible and I hope to write more about our trip soon.

In retrospect, this has been one of the most fun filled activities we have done while traveling. It may be second place compared to flying in a helicopter over Las Vegas, but it was still an incredible memorable day. Not only did we get to have fun, get to know the culture and history of Mexico City, we also got to try some native tapas and fruits. It was definitely an enriching experience and one I would recommend to anyone looking for a new and fun experience.

Well we made it to the end of this incredible trip down memory lane from a few months ago. I hope you enjoyed reading about this really nice AirBnB experience in Mexico City. If you are interested in finding your very own AirBnB Experience you can find it all on their page! If you sign up using this link you could receive up to $40 off your $75+ trip! Now that’s a great deal!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried an AirBnB experience and what you recommend we try out next!



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retratos con sabor a mexico

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  1. Jani the pictures are so adorable!!! 🙂 <3
    Agnese & Elisa

  2. peri says:

    Photos are beautiful and it looks like y’all had a great time!

  3. Krystal says:

    I love your blog! I’m a medical student from New York City . So happy to connect 🙂

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