About me

Hello! My name is Janice, but most people call me Jani.

To start this introduction, I am a 28 year-old Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident from Puerto Rico now living in El Paso. In terms of my personal life, I am happily married since June 2015. We do not currently have human children, but we do parent 2 adorable fur babies, Bella and Pepe.

My Journey

I started my blogging journey back in December 2015. This was during a time where I was feeling very uninspired and like I had no life outside of studying. It all started by going on youtube and trying to find a makeup tutorial. While doing that I found that people can make a LIVING and have their own BUSINESS all on the internet.

Somehow all of that inspired me to begin thinking of what things make me happy, feel like a human, and motivate me to get out of bed everyday. I discovered that I was a girly girl at heart. Playing with makeup, putting outfits together, luxury handbags and shoes, and pretty aesthetic things made me happy. During that time I also solidified my interest and passion for women’s health, patient education, and mentoring.

Impulsively I created a blog and began writing. Writing was something I used to LOVE in high school and college. Back then, I used to write poems, songs, stories, etc. I was able to use my writing skills to create blog posts. After that I slowly tapped into creating videos on youtube. Slowly, I became determined to make sure I was creating a life I loved.

My Mission

The life I envisioned was one where I can be an ObGyn and help women love their bodies, take charge of their health, and feel empowered. In addition to that, I wanted to be an inspiration and role model to others in medicine, and other professional fields. I want to show them that you don’t have to do just one thing. We can build a life where we can work in medicine and also nurture our passions to live our lives to its maximum potential.

In this blog you shall find a wide variety of content. First and foremost you shall find things that bring me joy like makeup and fashion. You will also find guidance for those entering or already in the field of medicine. In addition to that, you shall find advice to take charge of your finances and even embark in a blogging or social media journey. Finally, you will also get access to information about women’s health.

So without rambling too much, I welcome you to my little corner of the internet. The place I own, where I unload my stress and that keeps me sane. Please feel free to explore my previous content but stay tuned for so much more. Also do not be shy and feel comfortable reaching out. I love to meet new people and help in whatever way I can.

Thanks for reading!



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